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100% of the proceeds from our tours, concerts, donations & sales support our programs.


Music provides a haven for the heart and soul for soldiers, service people, first responders and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others. Different from our artist-in-residence program, heroes provides a supportive, encouraging environment, free from outside pressures - so that they may simply sleep, rest and heal. In addition to loaning Gibson guitars and other musical instruments for heroes to play when they visit, we offer respite for selected participants to help them recharge and renew their mind, body and spirit.

Being able to provide Heroes a safe sanctuary to replenish themselves, warms our hearts, and renews our faith in man-kind.


Eligibility & Guidelines for Heroes Program

Applicants must:
  1. be from outside the DC, Maryland, Virginia area
  2. be sponsored by a hero program alumni and/or a member of O Museum in The Mansion (we do not accept unsolicited applicants.) and/or
  3. be recommended by a veterans organization or doctor
Length of Stay for our Vets Program

Residency includes housing only. Average length of stay is 4 days however, time frames are determined on a case-by-case basis. Recipient must be accompanied by a caretaker or significant other.

Length of Stay for our Heroes Program

Time frames are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our longest hero stayed nearly 10 years. Others have stayed one day.

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit an essay outlining the following:

  • why they are coming to DC
  • their story
  • what they are looking to get out of their stay
  • the length of stay requested
  • sponsor recommendation
Selection Process
  • O Museum program committee will review applications to ensure completion and eligibility (incomplete applications will not be considered)
  • The committee will evaluate each hero’s application and essay to select participants
  • Only selected participants will be notified

Respites are offered on a rolling admission

Giving Back

We believe volunteering helps the healing process. It reduces stress, builds confidence and provides a sense or purpose. Our heroes are invited to volunteer at the museum when they stay in any way they like.


Mrs. Rosa Parks and her Pathways to Freedom staff stayed with us on and off from 1994 to 2003 as part of our heroes program. Since 1980, nearly $3.8M has gone to support this program.  

                     JET Magazine, December 21, 1998                      View trailer from Mrs. Rosa Parks Tour

You can contribute! To sponsor one of our program participants please click the button below and make a pledge - every bit helps.

apply for a respite support a hero

Giving Back When You Stay Lodging for a Cause

Rated in the Forbes top 7 hotels in Washington, D.C. our themed rooms serve as hotel rooms for guests visiting the nation's capital.

BUT, their higher purpose is realized through our Artists & Heroes-in-Residence programs. We use these rooms to house soldiers, service people, first responders, creatives, and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others for free. Our unique spaces and quiet alcoves provide a supportive, encouraging environment, free from outside pressures - so that they may simply sleep, rest, heal, and/or create.

Lodging by the general public only accounts for 7.5% of our revenue - when you stay you are supporting these important programs.

Every year for the past 40 years we have provided (on average) over 850 free room nights a year to support our Artists & Heroes-in-Residence programs.


Our artist-in-residence program helps anyone with a creative vision to rediscover their heart and muse, by giving them a place to stay, at no cost. We believe creativity comes in many forms -- from writing music to problem solving and beyond. Individuals benefiting from our artist-in-residence program have not just been musicians, writers and artists, but have included lawyers, scientists, athletes and yes, politicians.


Eligibility & Guidelines for Artists-in-Residence

Applicants must:
  1. be from outside the DC, Maryland, Virginia area
  2. be visiting DC or the surrounding area to work on special projects
  3. be nominated by an artist-in-residence alumni and/or a member of O Museum in The Mansion (we do not accept unsolicited artist materials.)
  4. not be currently enrolled in an undergraduate academic program. Graduate and PhD candidates will be considered on a case-by-case basis
Length of Stay

Residency includes housing only. Time frames will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Application Process

Along with a link to their art and/or writings and/or music applicants are required to submit an essay outlining the following:

  • the project they are coming to DC to work on
  • what makes them a good candidate for inclusion
  • what they are looking to get out of their stay
  • the length of stay requested
  • Recommendation from nominating party
Selection Process
  • O Museum program committee will review applications to ensure completion and eligibility (incomplete applications will not be considered)
  • The committee will evaluate each artist’s materials and essay to select participants
  • Only selected participants will be notified

Residency is offered on a rolling admission

Giving Back

We believe volunteering helps reduce stress, build confidence and provide a sense or purpose. As part of this program our creatives are invited to volunteer at the museum and share their gifts with the public and on our social channels when they stay.

Last year we provided over 1,000 room nights. You can contribute! To sponsor one of our program participants please click the button below and make a pledge - every bit helps.

apply support an artist

Support an Artist

Intimate Music Series

Events filled with music and storytelling our Intimate Music Series allows you to get up close & personal with singer/songwriters.  Past performers include Grammy & Academy Award winners & legends of all genres including Al Kooper, Alejandro Escovedo, Bobby Keys, Emmylou Harris, Esperanza Spalding, Felix Cavaliere, George Clinton, Jackson Browne, Jason Isbell, Joe Bonamassa, Lenny Kravitz, Lucinda Williams, Michael Jackson, Paul Williams, Richie Havens, Tommy Shaw and Yusef (Cat) Stevens. But our passion is to focus on rising stars. Visit our archives below.

Meet The Author & Artist Series

With over 20,000 books and 15,000 works of art this program gives authors and artists the opportunity to connect with their audience for meaningful dialogue. We have been featured in numerous books including The John Lennon Letters by Hunter Davies, Four Blind Mice by James Patterson, Afterburn by Zane and The Dead Drop by Gilda Joyce. Some authors and artists that have spoken include, Chip Duncan, Frederick Hart, Brad Meltzer, Helen Thomas, James Carville, Loung Ung, Meera Gandhi, Mrs. Rosa Parks and Studs Turkel. Visit our archives below.

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Big Stage Magic Show
Two-Time "Blackstone Award" Winner
Big Stage Magic Show

One of the busiest corporate entertainers in the world — Richard Bloch is a frequent headliner on Las Vegas and Atlantic City stages. He is a five-time nominee for Stage Magician of the Year, a 2006 Fellowship recipient at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle and he served as scriptwriter and magic consultant to the legendary Orson Welles.

In 2010, Rich opened Dickens Parlour Theatre in Millville, Delaware, which has quickly become a favorite entertainment spot for both local residents and tourists, as well as a much desired venue for performing magicians from all over the world. And, he is the founder of the highly successful “Magic Castle At Sea” program, exclusive to Crystal Cruises, which provides their vessels with world class magic performers on every cruise.

At home in Washington, D.C., he lives with his wife, Susan, a Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University, a Golden Doodle and a parrot that does card tricks.

Chou Chou's Imperial Palms Swing Band
Chou Chou's Imperial Palms Swing Band

Close Up Magic & Martinis
Up-Close Magic - 1st & 3rd Mondays
Close Up Magic & Martinis

first and third monday every month

Mix, mingle and unwind from the day with a martini as you witness magic before your very eyes. Master Magician Rich Bloch will astonish & amaze you with close-up magic - no stage, no curtains - you are the audience and the participant in this one-of-a-kind experience!

--- Doors Open: 5:00pm
--- Specialty martinis only $10/each
--- Magic Show at 7:00 pm (close up)
--- Explore themed rooms & exhibits
--- Search for secret doors
--- Find the hidden speakeasy to see 6 famous magic Houdin clocks (that's right, its behind a secret door)
--- Cash Bar
--- Includes a deck of cards and a secret so you can do your own magic!

One of the busiest corporate entertainers in the world --- Richard Bloch is a frequent headliner on Las Vegas and Atlantic City stages. He is a five-time nominee for Stage Magician of the Year, a 2006 Fellowship recipient at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle and he served as scriptwriter and magic consultant to the legendary Orson Welles.
Guests are invited to explore the museum's themed rooms and secret doors, 60 signed guitars, memorabilia, art and much more before the event begins. Be sure to bring a shopping bag everything is for sale!

Proceeds go to support the artist-in-residence, heroes and other programs at O Museum in The Mansion

Freebo & Alice Howe
Folk, Rock & Blues
Freebo & Alice Howe


Freebo is a genuine folk, rock and blues icon who, after over 40 years of recording and touring with many of the great artists of our time (Bonnie Raitt 10 years, CSN, Maria Muldaur, John Mayall, Ringo Starr, Dr. John, Neil Young, & many more) is regarded as one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of today. A multi award winner and finalist in numerous songwriting contests, Freebo was also recognized as the 'Best Folk Artist 2007' by the Los Angeles Music Awards. In addition, he has appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Muppet Show, The Midnight Special, and in concert with the legendary Spinal Tap.

Freebo's compassionate concern for the world and people around him, as evidenced both in his lyrics and his open stage banter, has helped him connect with listeners worldwide. He will take an audience from insights about what kind of positive mark we hope to leave on the world upon our own passing with "Standing Ovation" to where you stand with your pets and your partner with "She Loves My Dog More Than Me." A musical evening with Freebo will be astute, insightful, clever, and truly melodic.



A lifelong songwriter, Alice's musical sensibility lies in '60s folk and '70s Southern California songwriters, with comparisons drawn to the pure, distilled sounds of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. As a performer, Alice is sure-footed and captivating, familiar to her audience from the very first song.

During her three years in Seattle, Alice became a familiar face in the acoustic music scene, playing a variety of local gigs, from the Doe Bay Cafe on Orcas Island to the basement stage of Northwest favorite Dusty Strings Music Store. In the summer of 2016, Alice returned to her home town of Boston, and has been busy making herself known on the stages at Club Passim, the Burren Backroom, and the me & thee coffeehouse. Alice has opened for the likes of Antje Duvekot, Ellis Paul, Chris Trapper, Vance Gilbert, and Brooks Williams.



AuthorView all

Andrea Seiger
Meet The Author
Andrea Seiger

Andréa Seiger is the author of “111 Places in Washington That You Must Not Miss,” an off-the track guidebook for adventuresome visitors, and locals who wish to find new ways to enjoy their own city. She has been in the tourism and meetings industry for 31 years, and has had many uniquely DC opportunities.

She is a road tripping junkie, and is happy to go anywhere on any day, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic. She loves flea markets, auctions, outdoorsy adventures and craft shows anywhere; exploring every place she goes and shopping the local color.

As for DC, she is a total contrarian to the concept that “one never plays tourist in one’s own city.” She is spoiled by the fact that Smithsonian Museums are free and full of wonder.  She knows most of DC by landmarks and loves to explore the nooks and crannies of her home town. She keeps a list of places she still needs to go and things she needs to do in the city, as there are always spots and events to explore that one might not yet know.

In her spare time, she maintains her own small business, Urban Safari, which deals in creating special off-the-beaten-path visits to unique and intriguing locations in the US and abroad.

Andrew Roberts
Author of Churchill: Walking With Destiny - Free
Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts is the bestselling author of The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War; Masters and Commanders: How Four Titans Won the War in the West, 1941-1945; and Napoleon: A Life, winner of the L.A. Times Book Prize for Biography. He has won many prizes, including the Wolfson History Prize and the British Army Military Book Award. He frequently writes for The Wall Street Journal, and is the Roger and Martha Mertz Visiting Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He lives in London and often lectures in New York.

“Fascinating…the most comprehensive single-volume biography of Churchill that we have in print.”
—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“[A]n extraordinary biography…exhaustively researched, beautifully written and paced, deeply admiring but not hagiographic, and empathic and balanced in its judgements
—a magnificent achievement.”

—Publishers Weekly (starred and boxed review)

Brad Meltzer
Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer is an American novelist, best known for his political thrillers. He is one of very few authors to have bestselling books for both the Fiction and Non-Fiction genres, and his books have been translated into over 25 languages. He is also the host of Brad Meltzer's Decoded on the History Channel, and Brad Meltzer's Lost History on H2. The Tenth Justice is Brad's first novel and a New York Times bestseller that he wrote shortly after graduating law school at Columbia University in New York.


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Character, Not Characters
CADE MARTIN: World's Top 200 Photographers
Character, Not Characters

A new photography exhibit from Cade Martin

Inspiration doesn't play by many rules. It rides in on the wind and shares your coffee break. Recently during a project, a client and I got to talking about tattoos. She mentioned a tattoo festival being held in the Washington DC area in the coming weeks. There it was, the spark of inspiration. I don't have any tattoos myself but the thought of all those people with their stories essentially written on their bodies was something I felt an immediate pull to photograph. I'm always seeking characters and these were characters I wanted to capture.


These portraits are so alive with stories, the backgrounds amplifying the investment in expression. These people had amazingly detailed, as well as personal, tattoo work, it was such a clear commitment of time - and money - on their part. The whole experience turned out to be a blast - talking and working with people from all walks of life bonded by their ink. It's been amazing to spend a few minutes with these people and to make their portraits. I find the end product captivating, mysterious and revealing. But, I still don't have any tattoos.

Named one of the 200 Best Advertising Photographers in the world -- Cade's meticulous attention to detail helps shape an environment that echoes the real world. Filled with strength and clarity, perfectly composed and lit with a simple elegance, his photographs touch the deepest emotions.

Cade Martin has shot for some of the most iconic brands in the world including Capital One, Discovery Channel, Target, Marriott International, and Starbucks to name a few.

American Civics
Shepard Fairey & Jim Marshall
American Civics

The first-ever collaboration between acclaimed contemporary artist Shepard Fairey and the estate of legendary photographer Jim Marshall. In it, Fairey interprets Marshall's iconic photography from the 1960's, including images of Johnny Cash, Cesar Chavez, and Fannie Lee Chaney, with five new works, vividly depicting the humanity behind some of our country's enduring social justice issues: Voting Rights, Mass Incarceration, Workers' Rights, Gun Culture, and Two Americas. The art of American Civics gives a face to these issues to cultivate dialogue and encourage vigorous solutions to problems that have divided the country and eroded the core of the American ideals.
Learn more

Generously donated by Michael Jensen, President/Founder Jensen Communications Inc. Jensen Communications, Inc. is a media, marketing and management firm specializing in public relations serving a diverse range of clients in entertainment, business, cause-related politics and the arts.
Learn more

Rythmic Rebels
Sandrine Lee
Rythmic Rebels

French born photographer Sandrine Lee has lived, studied and worked in NYC for over a decade. Via her husband, Will Lee, she has entered the music world and made it her main photographic playground.

Faces of Hope
Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope

Filmmaker, author, photographer and recipient of more than 100 national and international awards for his work, Chip's images appear in the book Enough To Go Around - Searching for Hope in Afghanistan, Pakistan & Darfur. An exhibition of his images premiers at the 2011 World Peace Festival and this fall at O Street Museum Foundation.

This event benefits Relief International and
O Street Museum Foundation


Songwriters Workshop

Songwriters With: Seasoned Musicians

This workshop focuses on exploring the creative process through songwriting. Attendees will work with and learn from the most prolific songwriters in the industry to develop new techniques and enhance existing ones - all leading to a live performance at the end of the workshop.


Inquire Donate

Songwriting With: Soldiers

We've teamed with Songwriting With: Soldiers to bring these retreats to D.C. This program operates from a simple principle - pair veterans and active-duty service members with professional songwriters to craft songs about their military experiences. With a focus on collaboration and building trust, this innovative program, founded by Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Darden Smith, offers a unique path to helping soldiers, their families, communities and our nation cope with the aftermath of combat duty and the challenges in returning home.

Be the first to know when our next workshop is scheduled, join our e-mail list!

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Jam sessions

Channel your inner rock star with other musicians in the business. You know who you are: lawyers, doctors, lobbyists by day - but around the clock, always a rock star in your heart. Our weekly jam sessions give musicians of all skill levels and genres an opportunity to learn and play together.

Bring your guitar, banjo or whatever you want to play and participate in a live jam session with seasoned artists.

When: Every Sunday
on-line reservations required to attend (click links below to reserve)
Please note, these are jam sessions, not concerts.

Blugrass Jam: every 1st & 3rd Sunday - 11 am - 2 p.m.
Co-Sponsored by DC Bluegrass Union & O Street Museum

Classical Revolution: every 2nd Sunday
Co-Sponsored by Classical Revolution & O Street Museum

Americana Jam & Radio Show: every 4th Sunday - 2 p.m.
Co-Sponsored by Norfolk Radio & O Street Museum

Jazz in the Hood: every 3rd Sunday

Blues Jam with Warner Williams: every 4th Sunday - 1pm - 4pm

Gospel Jam: every 5th Sunday
Sponsored by O Street Museum

I want to jam! listen & tour

Tours For The Deaf

American Sign Language Secret Door Tour

Aiming to make a difference in the lives of the deaf we have created a special ASL tour video so they can enjoy the same level of immersion that all of our guests enjoy when they visit.

On this self-guided tour, guests will learn about our history, philosophy, and of course secret doors — told in American Sign Language — before heading out to explore. Then they'll find their way through themed rooms, secret doors, covert passages, and an array of different immersive exhibits — it's a world never before experienced. They'll be walking in the footsteps of presidents and freedom fighters, historians, and fiction writers.

Take a Tour

The Arts

O Street Museum in The Mansion provides a forum for local artists to go national and global. Devoid of velvet ropes & glass borders, visitors are able to immerse themselves in the creative process & experience the exhibits up close and personal.


Borderless Art & Music In The Schools

Museums can provide immersive learning experiences, inspire imagination, and introduce unknown concepts and ideas spurring further exploration. Yet, for many children, museums aren’t accessible. Our Borderless Art in the Schools Program would offer both rotating exhibits by established artists and exchanging student art in other schools and the community, as well as music programs and recitals here.


Music Beyond Boundaries

Sharing the joy of music goes well beyond D.C. Like our Borderless Art & Music in The Schools program, we are committed to bringing our experience to all those who need it. Our newest program will build a musical bridge with the embassies around the world by bringing our unique Americana performers to their Embassies & them sharing their unique musicians with us.


Kids School Field Trip Programs

Students say it's: "Fun, Inspiring, & Awesome"

Built in 1892, the historic Mansion on O Street & O Museum was the place Mrs. Rosa Parks - the mother of the civil rights movement - called home from 1994 to 2003. Her brave defiance sparked a revolution when she refused to give up her seat on a segregated Alabama bus in 1955.

We all know about Mrs. Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus, which was the spark of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, but did you know she was assaulted in her own home in Detroit by thugs in her neighborhood when she was quite old? How did she handle that, how did she continue to reach out and help others after that? No matter how famous you become, things happen. Every experience helps us figure out who we want to become, to truly help others.

Students will first view a short video to learn about Mrs. Parks' life in the O Museum in The Mansion, her work here - and globally - to champion others, and how she inspired, and still inspires, us all.

Then, in her spirit, your students will work together to explore themselves, engage with each other, and experience how working as a team (respecting each others' differences) helps us all be better people.

Teams will decipher clues and search for items related to Mrs. Parks' life and work - visit her favorite rooms, and view mementos she has given us. At the end of their journey they will come together to discuss their experience.

Kids Programs

Our children's programs encourage hands on exploration and immersion in the creative process.


Embark on this one of a kind fun filled journey through at least 60 of our 100 rooms and many secret doors at our O'Kids PlayDate! Way more fun than an amusement park - explore The Mansion's winding hallways and expansive rooms searching for secret doors. Enjoy delicious home baked cookies and a glass of milk. Then embark on a treasure hunt searching for designated items to find.


Reserve a Playdate

Art and the Office

More frequently you hear the question "What can business do for the arts?", particularly now as the government continues to cut funding for the arts. The O Street Museum prefers to ask "What can the arts do for business?"

Galleries and museums serve an important purpose, enriching lives by promoting creativity and different ways of thinking - but they are removed from most people's daily lives.

The O Street Museum Foundation brings art to the workplace. These exhibits provide employees a needed relief from the ordinary and project a successful image to your customers, without capital investment.

To assure that the environment stays fresh, The O Street Museum Foundation rotates the art on a regular basis, or brings in an entirely new exhibit. We are home to the most expansive gallery available to make your office a continued inspiration.

Art Leasing

We can help you extend the creativity of O Street Museum to your home or office through our Art Leasing Program. The Foundation has a collection of over fifteen thousand works of art and music memorabilia. Our wide-ranging collections offer you a unique opportunity to lease and display fine art through our art leasing and traveling exhibits program.

Our seasoned associates are positioned throughout the world. They acquire posters in Rotterdam, sculptures in Italy, chalk prints in Kyota, acrylics in Oklahoma and fine paintings at auctions in London and New York.

As an advisor and planner, clients receive carefully-crafted programs for personal and/or corporate art investments, public exhibitions, and brand recognition. For clients whose primary emphasis is investment art, our portfolio allows for that option - as well as the opportunity to install rotating public space exhibitions, organized by our trained curatorial specialists.

The O Street Museum Foundation is dedicated to serving cultural, scientific and educational needs, with a focus on the creative process. Our collection promotes and embraces life, from every culture, resulting in a broad collection of paintings, photographs, and sculpture and other objects of art - all of which we're proud to share with our guests.

Art & Investment

The art market is a good one. One reason is because investments in fine art and antiques are exceedingly resistant to the ravages of a volatile market. But, like other markets, opportunities are missed and mistakes are made. The Mansion provides professional guidance and suggestions to help you make sound profitable investments.

For clients whose primary emphasis is in creating a look - without the investment - our art leasing program allows for this option - as well as the opportunity to install rotating public space exhibitions, organized by our trained curatorial specialists.

With an eye for both new and internationally-known artists, we provide consultation on art investments that offer solid - and on occasion spectacular - appreciation over time.

But most of all, art is a joy.


The Arts & Brand Recognition

Take a lesson from corporations and other institutions. They get a lot of mileage and public support from sponsoring art exhibitions. If they can use art to improve their image, perhaps you can too.

We specialize in the design and execution of image-building art programs so important to modern business marketing.

With an eye toward cost-effectiveness, we can show you how to achieve public recognition for your brand -- and also recover most or all promotional costs.

Meet With a Curator

Americana Jam & Radio Show

Join us every 4th Sunday for a live recording of the Americana Radio Show on West Norfolk Radio - hosted by Caroline Ferrante. Featuring the world's most interesting, prolific songwriters and musicians as well as some very special guest performers.

I want to perform listen & tour

Listen to This Week's Broadcast

Americana Jam & Radio Show is broadcast on West Norfolk Radio
  • Monday from 3pm EST
  • Friday 8pm EST
  • Sunday 1pm EST

Podcasts - Listen On Demand

Show archived shows

ARS #1 Peace, Flamenco, & Nerds

We've been recording our Americana Radio Show for two years from O Mansion and now we are psyched for our new format. Every fourth Sunday we meet in the Mediterranean Room on the third floor for a songcircle & conversation.

If you are in the DC area, come join us for our recording! We are in Georgetown a block away from DuPont Circle:

THIS show we have the most excellent Dan Magnolia, Jorge Serafin, Sally Mae Foster, and myself Caroline Ferrante. I start with a gospel tune that's a prayer after Charlottesville. Jorge then shows off some MAD guitar skills (yes, he only has 10 fingers). We get into what makes a nerd, and how our music intersects with our families and greater communities. Take a listen and please let us know what you think!

Love & Light-

Caroline Ferrante

ARS #2 Ukulele, Geeks, & Quantum Physics

The monthly Americana Radio Show from O Street Mansion, DC with Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante and Yoav Schoss. Join us live on fourth Sundays! 

ARS #3 We Too, Part 1

For those of us who have survived sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, and/or intimate partner violence, the #metoo movement has been both beautiful and horrifying. The great thing about thinking you might be one of a few can help you see the world as a safer place. But we know the statistics. And now we read the stories. And we are validated at last-- what we have seen and others have ignored for decades. We know our personal stories intersect with so many other stories. But the world seems less safe. That can be frightening at worst, uncomfortable at best. 

Despite the discomfort, it is a beautiful time. It can be a time for change. There is hope. Its time to speak out and break silence. We can be allies for each other. 

Americana Music is not about one race or gender. It should and can reflect our diversity of experience, of culture, and points of view. It can advocate for change- even if the industry may not prefer these kinds of songs. You decide. Join the conversation on Facebook: Americana Radio Show. We would be honored to hear your stories. 

This show I invited four DC area/Northeast Regional Songwriters to talk about their experience: Crys Matthews, Lilith Mariana, Teporah, and Jacqueline Pie Francis. As women, as musicians, we share music about gender, body image, immigration, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault. 

Part two will follow next week. 

We are so grateful you listen!


Caroline Ferrante

ARS #4 We Too, Part 2- ALLIES

This is Part 2 of our songwriter circle on 10/22 at DC's Mansion on O Street with Lilith Mariana, Teporah, Jacqueline Pie Francis, and Crys Matthews. We get more into our stories of harassment in the music industry. As it was also Domestic Violence month, and many of us are survivors of assault, we shared songs borne from of our experience.

There is such hope and beauty in these beautiful women. And what makes us stronger is that we are intentional about being allies for one another. So many times artists can be competitive or catty, but as each one of us has such unique style and expression, we have found the power of championing each other's artistry. I personally think the best artists are usually just really great human beings. These are my ALLIES, as you will hear...


Caroline Ferrante 


ARS #5 Gratitude, Paul Williams, & The Great Amigo

Legendary Songwriter Paul Williams has always been a hero to me- First, as a child seeing him on all my favorite 70's shows, then hearing his songs on radio and in movies. Now that I am full-time songwriter and open about my flaws and struggles- I am even more grateful for his authenticity and transparency. So against the grain for a multiple grammy and academy award winner, right? 

In this episode Paul and I discuss our journeys through recovery, healing, and his New York Times Bestseller "Gratitude & Trust" (cowritten with Tracy Jackson). He shares about his time with Oprah, teaching at the Omega Institute, the "Still Alive" documentary, and his 4th term as the President of ASCAP. 

My songs are interspersed with interview, since in a podcast we can only broadcast songs to which we have exclusive rights: 

Symphony (SKY)

Great Big Beautiful World (SKY)

Better Angels (SKY)

Happiness (Strand-ed)

Life's Short, Wear Heels (LIVE from the Belfry)

Singalong with the Stars (Strand-ed)

Feels like a Holiday (SKY)

My favorite part of our conversation is talking songwriting with Paul- his favorite collaborations with Roger Nichols, Kenny Asher, Karen Carpenter, and how his songwriting process has evolved over time. I especially love how he trusts the moment, lets his subconscious work, opens a book after a prayer to "The Great Amigo" and then experiences the opening song for "Muppet Christmas Carol" bubbling forth. 

After the interview I had Paul sign my guitar- "Love and Light" it says. Its a touchstone for me. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. This was one of those interviews that changed me. 

Love & Light-




Happy 2018! For our first show of the year we had a little too much fun, and the snarkiness was thick. Yoav Schoss back again on ukulele- the musical rocket scientist. Jahnel Daliya graced us with her groundedness, sweet sound, and quick wit! DANG. Suzanne Brindamour showed off hew glorious songwriting, crafted composition, and fingerpicking.  

I started off with a rendition of Wayfaring Stranger, in honor of all those affected by the DACA- living in fear. My family came here as immigrants. My great-grandfather changed the family name to avoid the racism against the irish at the time. The more things change, the more they stay the same. This is a time for compassion. 

What are your thoughts? Message us on Facebook (@AmericanaRadioShow or @carolineferrantemusic). 


Thanks for listening!

Caroline Ferrante

ARS #7 Mark Bryan of HBF & Songwriting Nerdfest

At gigs people often ask me who has signed my guitar- two of my heroes: Paul Williams & Mark Bryan. Mark walked into the Mediterranean room for our show in barefeet. Talk about real. Of course his room was just across the hall hidden behind some secret panel. He was literally drying his hair with a towel. 

Mark has a concert scheduled for the spring at O Mansion, so we thought we would pull out an old recording of a show from last year. Catch him in concert when you can--He is a MUST SEE. 

I was blessed to have Teporah Bilezikian on keys & Gary Cole on bass that night. Sweet trio. Mark was magic. Let me know what you think!


We started with my original "Feels like a Holiday"

Mark shared "Oh Charlie" and talked about the collaboration of HBF. 

Next is my original, "Great Big Beautiful World."

Then we got down and dirty into his songwriting practice, and we nerded out on the subject. 

Mark does a SWEET rendition of "Only Love Can Satisfy", talks about his influences, and closes his performance with "State Your Peace". 

Brooklyn based songwriter Dru Cutler is our musical feature and you'll hear three of his tunes: Familiar, Reason to Cry, and Dance Me to the End of Love. 

Mixed in with that is a jam recording with Gary and Teporah of the old trad. "Angel Band", my new release "Better Angels", and finally a tune from my Strand-(ed) CD, "Singalong with the Stars". 


Hope you enjoy!


Caroline Ferrante


ARS #8 Leni Stern & The Roots of Roots Music

Meeting Leni Stern was a game changer for me. She has been named Gibson's Best Female Guitarist 5 years- and her liltling German accent reminds me of my German ancestors. This woman is one of my heroes. Last year we happened to be playing the same night at Silvana, Harlem. 

She opened my eyes to the African origins of the blues. Her songs on the NGoni (the Banjo's African Grandfather) as beguiling- and her tunes weave beautiful connections between what we term "World Music" and "Americana"- which is really an evolution or amalgam of African music. 

We start with a jam on my song "Flowers", with Leni on guitar and backing vocals. Next you'll hear her original "Show me your Face" with my backing vocals. 

This month we also feature the music of Mark Rogers- who is just releasing his EP "Rearranged". One to watch!

Here's the playlist:

Flowers- Caroline Ferrante

Show me Your Face- Leni Stern

Great Big Beautiful World- Caroline Ferrante

Like a Thief- Leni Stern

Right Here- Mark Rogers

Better Angels- Caroline Ferrante

Slow Parade- Mark Rogers

Wade in the Water (trad)- Caroline Ferrante & Leni Stern

Symphony- Caroline Ferrante

Jimmie Cone- Caroline Ferrante


Hope you enjoy!


ARS #9 Homegrown & Corn-Fed

I started doing the Radio Show at O Mansion 5 years ago when a radio station from the UK wanted to broadcast my Americana Jams live. And over the years it's evolved into this once a month gathering of songwriters and artists- both regional and national (heck- international too!). It is a labor of love, and to see that 100 of you fine folks download our podcasts every DAY is just stunning to me! Thanks for listening and supporting the diverse, myriad voices that make Americana music a beautiful celebration of this melting pot we call home. 

I am not a DJ or a radio host. But I try. I'm just a fellow songwriter and musician. I wear a lot of hats.

This show, recorded 4/22, is a delight. Have I used that word about a podcast before? I'll have to check. But honestly, what a tremendous time we had last Sunday at O Street Mansion with our full house of listeners. 

I met these artists through Zach Parkman, the most excellent organizer of the Takoma Porch Festival. We'll be performing together across Takoma Park MD on May 12th, 2018. This is an incredible grass roots festival- a national movement really- that is building steam across the US. 

Here's the songlist--

1. Caroline Ferrante- Feels Like a Holiday (pre-show track)

2. Caroline Ferrante- Great Big Beautiful World

3. Zia Hassan- Lever (with Tom on lead guitar)

4. Sara Ghebremichael- Play Them Strings

5. Tom Lieberman- Devil I Know

6. Caroline Ferrante- Freddie's Song

7. Zia Hassan- Something New (with Tom on lead guitar)

8. Sara Ghebremichael- Angeline the Banjo

9. Tom Lieberman- Common Denominator

10. Caroline Ferrante- Symphony

11. Zia Hassan- Soul Breathing (with Caroline doing some unauthorized harmony)

12. Sara Ghebremichael- Side by Side

13. Tom Lieberman- That's Why I Love You Most


Thanks again for following us and downloading our podcasts! We are so very honored that you listen!


Caroline Ferrante


Instagram & FB:@carolineferrantemusic

Twitter: @cferrantemusic


ARS #10 Strangers in a Strange Land

Hey it's been a while! My festival season is done and I'm catching up on sleep. And my injured shoulder is healing-- too much strumming apparently.

So this summer I'm playing more piano, working on a film project, TV project, and switching gears from performing songwriter to composer. I'll be out gigging again this Fall--Stay tuned for an upcoming 8 track EP due for release January 2019! 

So this Radio Show is dear to my heart. We all came in to O Street Mansion that Sunday deeply affected by the distress of children separated from parents. And no matter what your religious or political affiliation, I'm sure we all stand together in our passion to see families united. I hope you can hear our heart for unity and compassion in this episode. 

It was an honor to have Kipyn Martin, Zachary Parkman, and Chris Anderson with me this time. Here's the playlist:

Caroline Ferrante: Feels Like a Holiday

Kipyn Martin: God is Love

Zachary Parkman: Desert Wind/Next to You

Chris Anderson: Brian Green

Caroline Ferrante: River Flow

Kipyn Martin: Coming Home

Zachary Parkman: End of the Line

Chris Anderson: This Isn't Working For Me

Caroline Ferrante: Peace Be Still

Kipyn Martin: Undone

Zachary Parkman: Red Dust & Soil

Chris Anderson: Friday Night


It means the world to us that you listen- thanks for supporting indie music!




ARS #11 GUMBO, part 1

We were in the midst of a national attack on the press through pipe bombs.

The day before 11 souls were lost in the biggest hate crime against Jewish Americans in US history- in a synagogue.

Three days before a man with a gun killed two-- trying to break into an African American church.

So with that backdrop, four musicians with different styles and perspectives shared 90 minutes & an old style ribbon microphone. And the different strains of our genres started to blend, and we experienced a musical kind of unity. It was healing. It was powerful. We actually closed the doors and went with the flow. It was that sweet. We knew something beautiful was happening.

This is part one. 

Jamma Wun, Baltimore-based spoken word artist, producer, and rapper, brought powerful word and rhythm. 

Chuck Maddox, Baltimore beat boxer and poet, laid down beautiful beats and told riveting stories. 

Eli Lev, neo folk songwriter, brought beautiful songwriting and Native American Flute. 

And I tried to keep it together, and add my vocals here and there. There was a lot of love.

Be sure to listen through to the last jam- on Eli Lev's "Treason". We all joined in, adding our unique flavors. And created some live, unrehearsed musical gumbo. 

Here's the breakdown:

Feels Like a Holiday- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)

Brighter Day- Caroline Ferrante with Chuck Maddox (live)

Slums- Jamma Wun with Chuck Maddox (live)

Hometown- Eli Lev (live)

River Flow- Caroline Ferrante (Beyond)

Slam on the Brakes- Caroline Ferrante with Chuck Maddox (live)

Headphones- Chuck Maddox (live)

It is Well- Caroline Ferrante (sneak peek- Empathy Project)

Great Big Beautiful World- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)

Treason- Eli Lev with Jamma Wun, Chuck Maddox, and Caroline Ferrante (live)

Peace Be Still- Caroline Ferrante (Beyond)

Better Angels- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)

Feels Like a Holiday- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)

And if you are interested in pre-ordering my new release for $9.99 scheduled for February 2019 (you'll get yours in January), please take a look here: The Empathy Project

Thank you for listening. Thanks for supporting Americana with empathy. Americana with open arms. Together we are united. Together we have hope for brighter days.  



ARS #12 Gumbo Part 2

So the synergy gets going here....still in the midst of a national attack on the press through pipe bombs. And four songwriters with different voices, styles, points of view, and genres....we found unity through music. 

The day after 11 souls were lost in the biggest hate crime against Jewish Americans in US history- in a synagogue.

Three days after a man with a gun killed two-- trying to break into an African American church.

This is part two. 

Jamma Wun, Baltimore-based spoken word artist, producer, and rapper, brought powerful word and rhythm. 

Chuck Maddox, Baltimore beat boxer and poet, laid down beautiful beats and told riveting stories. 

Eli Lev, neo folk songwriter, brought beautiful songwriting and Native American Flute. 

And myself, Caroline Ferrante, in the mix with a few tracks from my upcoming EP "Empathy Project" mixed in.

We started with Eli Lev's "Treason". We all joined in, adding our unique flavors. And created some live, unrehearsed musical gumbo. 

Here's the breakdown:

Feels like Holiday- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)


Treason- Eli Lev (live on Native American flute & guitar) with Chuck Maddox on the beat, Jamma Wun with the rap, and myself on some vocals

Freddie's Song- Caroline Ferrante (live)

Pestilence- Chuck Maddox (live)

One Road- Eli Lev (live)

Ties that Bind- Caroline Ferrante (single prerelease- Empathy Project)

Around the Way- Chuck Maddox (live) with Caroline on guitar & Eli on flute

Water- Eli Lev with Megan Leigh (what a voice on this lady!)

What a Day- Caroline Ferrante (Empathy Project)

Troubles- Caroline Ferrante (Empathy Project)

Feels Like a Holiday- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)

And if you are interested in pre-ordering my new release for $9.99 scheduled for February 2019 (you'll get yours in January), please take a look here: The Empathy Project

The fact that so many of you keep following us and listening proves to me that we can have Americana music with open arms. Thanks for joining us on this journey. And Happy New Year to you!




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