100% of the proceeds from our tours, concerts, donations & sales support our programs.


Museum-in-Residence Programs

Artist-in-Residence Program

Our artist-in-residence program helps anyone with a creative vision to rediscover their heart and muse, by giving them a place to stay, at no cost. We believe creativity comes in many forms -- from writing music to problem solving and beyond. Individuals benefiting from our artist-in-residence program have not just been musicians, writers and artists, but have included lawyers, scientists, athletes, politicians, who are between lives.


Eligibility & Guidelines for Artists-in-Residence

Applicants must:
  1. be from outside the DC, Maryland, Virginia area
  2. be visiting DC or the surrounding area to work on special projects
  3. be nominated by an artist-in-residence alumni and/or a member of O Museum in The Mansion (we do not accept unsolicited artist materials.)
  4. not be currently enrolled in an undergraduate academic program. Graduate and PhD candidates will be considered on a case-by-case basis
Length of Stay

Residency includes housing only. Time frames will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Application Process

Along with a link to their art and/or writings and/or music applicants are required to submit an essay outlining the following:

  • the project they are coming to DC to work on
  • what makes them a good candidate for inclusion
  • what they are looking to get out of their stay
  • the length of stay requested
  • Recommendation from nominating party
Selection Process
  • O Museum program committee will review applications to ensure completion and eligibility (incomplete applications will not be considered)
  • The committee will evaluate each artist’s materials and essay to select participants
  • Only selected participants will be notified

Residency is offered on a rolling admission

Giving Back

We believe volunteering helps reduce stress, build confidence and provide a sense or purpose. As part of this program our creatives are invited to volunteer at the museum and share their gifts with the public and on our social channels when they stay.

Last year we provided over 1,000+ room nights. You can contribute! To sponsor one of our program participants please click the button below and make a pledge - every bit helps.

apply support an artist

Heroes-in-Residence Program

Music provides a haven for the heart and soul for soldiers, service people, first responders and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others. Different from our artist-in-residence program, heroes provides a supportive, encouraging environment, free from outside pressures - so that they may simply sleep, rest and heal. In addition to loaning Gibson guitars and other musical instruments for heroes to play when they visit, we offer respite for selected participants to help them recharge and renew their mind, body and spirit.

Being able to provide Heroes a safe sanctuary to replenish themselves, warms our hearts, and renews our faith in man-kind.


Mrs. Rosa Parks, her Pathways to Freedom staff, close friends, and business associates stayed with us on and off from 1994 to 2003 as part of our heroes program.    

Learn more about Mrs. Parks & O Museum


Eligibility & Guidelines for Heroes Program

Applicants must:
  1. be from outside the DC, Maryland, Virginia area
  2. be sponsored by a hero program alumni and/or a member of O Museum in The Mansion (we do not accept unsolicited applicants.) and/or
  3. be recommended by a veterans organization or doctor
Length of Stay for our Vets Program

Residency includes housing only. Average length of stay is 4 days however, time frames are determined on a case-by-case basis. Recipient must be accompanied by a caretaker or significant other.

Length of Stay for our Heroes Program

Time frames are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our longest hero stayed nearly 10 years. Others have stayed one day.

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit an essay outlining the following:

  • why they are coming to DC
  • their story
  • what they are looking to get out of their stay
  • the length of stay requested
  • sponsor recommendation
Selection Process
  • O Museum program committee will review applications to ensure completion and eligibility (incomplete applications will not be considered)
  • The committee will evaluate each hero’s application and essay to select participants
  • Only selected participants will be notified

Respites are offered on a rolling admission

Giving Back

We believe volunteering helps the healing process. It reduces stress, builds confidence and provides a sense or purpose. Our heroes are invited to volunteer at the museum when they stay in any way they like.


Chip Duncan
On Inclusion & Diversity
Chip Duncan

Play Video

Chip Duncan, Award Winning Filmmaker & Photographer talks about belonging, finding your place and the importance of inclusion at O Museum.

Warner Williams
Spreading Joy
Warner Williams

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The son of a cement finisher and a house cleaner, Williams was one of 11 children raised in a musical family. He picked up the guitar at 4, spurred on by his father, who also taught music and played the fiddle.

Warner Williams has written over 1,000 songs - and has played with bluesmen Blind Boy Fuller, Lightnin' Hopkins, Muddy Waters and B.B. King, as well as country artists Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb and Gene Autry. Mr. Williams can slide between styles as easily as the arm of an old jukebox snaps a fresh 45 on the spindle. Piedmont blues flows into hillbilly. R&B segues to bluegrass. Vintage rock gives way to gospel. His fingers are nimble but as unhurried as a country ramble. His voice is warm and weathered. At the age of 88, he was honored at the Kennedy Center.

Cade Martin
Making Dreams A Reality
Cade Martin

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Cade writes, "People come to The Mansion and O Museum in so many ways - and tell stories you likely wouldn't believe. As a DC resident, I know these tales as a part of the character of this city. I once thought "if I could get one of my photographs on those walls..." and today, I have a whole exhibition focused on the storytelling of tattoos: Character, Not Characters.

"The tagline of the Mansion on O begins with "everything is possible." With my first exhibition of photographs hanging in the galleries of this most iconic of institutions, I am inclined to agree.

"The other part of OM's tagline is "Dare to be different." In my photography, I'm looking for the stories and characters that reveal themselves when you look at things differently. These tattoo portraits are a closer look at stories told through ink - mysterious and intimate at once.

"If you're going to do something, you might as well do it right. Having my work, my first exhibition, at the O Museum in DC is about as right as I can imagine."

Willis Edwards
To Serve Others
Willis Edwards

Born in Texas in 1946, Edwards was drafted by the military, wounded in a land mine explosion in the Vietnam War and was awarded a Bronze Star. He was well known in local and national circles as a "fixer" who worked on many elections, including Senator Robert F. Kennedy (he was by his side when he was assassinated). While on the Board of the NAACP, he headed up the Hollywood branch and sued The Arsenio Hall Show for discrimination (he employed over 200 people, and none were African American). 100% of this lawsuit proceeds went to the NAACP. He then created the Black Image Awards, which he produced with Roone Arledge at ABC for 2 years. Again, 100% of the money he received from ABC went to the NAACP. Never his own pockets.

As he struggled to recover from AIDS-related illnesses in 1984 Willis was visited by Mrs. Rosa Parks. She compelled him, while dying in the hospital to get well ? to help her. Five days later he left the hospital, with a mission to serve her for the rest of her life. We called him Mr. Willis. When he stayed with us (which was a lot) he taught us so much about humility and service to others. Brother Willis served on our Museum Board from 1990-2012, when he left to serve God in more ways, in Heaven. There is not one day that goes by without stories and thoughts about Mr. Willis, our brother.

Music Provides Purpose

Discovered by the founder while he was singing in a thrift store in D.C., Cordell was invited to perform at O Street that night. Months later, he came and asked if he could stay for the winter. For three winters Cordell lived at O Street - he went from living on the streets to learning to play the piano at The Mansion, to performing for $2,500 a night at a local hotel.

As an interesting side note, the piano Cordell learned to play while he lived at The Mansion was later sold to sculptor Frederick Hart, who created the Vietnam Memorial Sculpture of three soldiers on The Mall in Washington, D.C. (you can see a prototype of it in the museum collection) and the sculpture on the fa?ade of the National Cathedral.

Creativity and artistry come together at O Street, sometimes in ways that we cannot fathom.

Cindy Ridolfino
Finding Self-Acceptance
Cindy Ridolfino

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The why behind the mirrors. My mirrors represent my journey of self-acceptance. Looking into a mirror was a punishing experience. I never saw anything good.

From addiction to recovery from self-loathing to self-acceptance to being SPLENDIDLY IMPERFECT. I transform the mirrors into something that could only make me smile, which has changed the way I look at myself today. It has been... and still is... a journey.

I?m not where I was... I?m not where I am going... but I am on my way!

Dave Heck
The Soul of the O
Dave Heck

Korean War veteran Davie Heck (the soul of The Mansion) worked for the Maryland Parks Department after completing his military service. Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a challenge and Davie fell on hard times, relying on alcohol and drugs to get him through. When he was arrested for passing out in his car on the highway, he was put in jail and then sent to a halfway house, where a kind judge suggested to his parole officer he come here to work during the day. Wanting to help himself, at the end of his service there, he reached out to us for a place to stay, at no cost.

Davie lived here for 25 years before he passed. His warm smile and genuine personality became a mainstay and beacon of hope for all those who came to The Mansion and O Museum.

Davie entered our life, and became our saving grace.

Nothing in life is random. There is a reason for everything. It's all about saying yes to what God brings you.

Daryl Davis
Common Ground Heals
Daryl Davis

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Miracles surround us if we don't shut our hearts. It all starts, with the power within.

Giving Back When You Stay Lodging for a Cause

Rated in the Forbes top 7 hotels in Washington, D.C. our themed rooms serve as hotel rooms for guests visiting the nation's capital.

BUT, their higher purpose is realized through our Artists & Heroes-in-Residence programs. We use these rooms to house soldiers, service people, first responders, creatives, and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others for free. Our unique spaces and quiet alcoves provide a supportive, encouraging environment, free from outside pressures - so that they may simply sleep, rest, heal, and/or create.

Lodging by the general public only accounts for 7.5% of our revenue - when you stay you are supporting these important programs.

Every year for the past 40+ years we have provided (on average) over 1,000 free room nights a year that's over $7Million to support our Museum-in-Residence programs. named us the "Coolest place in D.C." for a reason.


Healing Through Music & Storytelling

Intimate Music Series

Events filled with music and storytelling our Intimate Music Series allows you to get up close & personal with singer/songwriters.  Past performers include Grammy & Academy Award winners & legends of all genres including Al Kooper, Alejandro Escovedo, Bobby Keys, Emmylou Harris, Esperanza Spalding, Felix Cavaliere, George Clinton, Jackson Browne, Jason Isbell, Joe Bonamassa, Lenny Kravitz, Lucinda Williams, Michael Jackson, Paul Williams, Richie Havens, Tommy Shaw and Yusef (Cat) Stevens. But our passion is to focus on rising stars.

Performer ArchiveView all

Al Kooper
Legendary Singer / Songwriter
Dylan, Stones, Hendrix, Harrison, BS&T
Al Kooper

His first musical success was as a fourteen-year-old guitarist in The Royal Teens, best known for their song "Short Shorts". In 1960, he joined the songwriting team of Bob Brass and Irwin Levine, and wrote "This Diamond Ring", which became a hit for Gary Lewis and the Playboys.

He performed with Bob Dylan in concert in 1965, and in the recording studio in 1965 and 1966, including playing Hammond organ with Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. Kooper also created the Hammond organ riffs on Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". It was in those recording sessions that Kooper met and befriended Mike Bloomfield, whose guitar-playing he admired. Kooper played organ with Dylan during his 1981 world tour, and just recently produced his latest releases.

Kooper joined The Blues Project as their keyboardist in 1965, leaving the band shortly before their gig at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. He formed Blood, Sweat & Tears in 1967. He recorded Super Session with Bloomfield and Stephen Stills in 1968.

Legendary singer/songwriter Kooper has played on hundreds of records, including ones by The Rolling Stones, B. B. King, The Who, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Alice Cooper, and Cream.  After moving to Atlanta in 1972, the King of Sothern Rock/Pop, he discovered the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, and produced and performed on their first three albums, including the single "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Free Bird". Kooper also wrote the score for the TV series Crime Story and the film The Landlord and has also written music for several made-for-television movies. He was also the musical force behind many of the children series, Banana Splits pop tunes.

Benefit For
The Women's Refugee Commission & O Museum
Benefit For

 Join us for a very special reception meet & greet with stars of the Lantern Tour DC: concerts for migrant and refugee families - Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Lila Downs and special guests - to support the Women's Refugee Commission & O Museum In The Mansion.

Click to read more

Formerly "The Cat", Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Yusuf Islam, commonly known by his former stage name, Cat Stevens, is a British singer-songwriter. His 1967 debut album's titular song, "Matthew & Son" charted at #2 on the UK's Singles Chart. His later albums Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat, both went triple platinum in the US. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.


Yusuf started his career playing songs in London pubs and coffee houses. He was discovered at age 18, recorded his first album, Matthew and Son, in 1966. He spent the next two years touring with artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Engelbert Humperdnick. He wrote "The First Cut is the Deepest" for his second album, and though it was not a huge success for him, it became an international success when covered by several artists including Sheryl Crow. Nearly 40 years after he first wrote it, the song earned back to back ASCAP "Songwriter of the Year" awards, in 2005 and 2006.

Esperanza Spalding
Four-Time Grammy Winner
Esperanza Spalding

Hailed a prodigy on the acoustic double bass at 15-year-old, Esperanza Spalding has won 4 Grammy awards -- including one for Best New Artist in 2011 -- making her the first jazz artist to ever win the award. She has distinguished herself through her impassioned improvisatory performances and unique artistic aesthetic that includes elements of blues, funk, jazz, hip-hop, fusion, soul, R&B, and Brazilian musical traditions.

She has toured and played with a host of artists, including Joe Lovano, Patti Austin, Michel Camilo, Charlie Haden, Regina Carter, Pat Metheny, Dave Samuels, and many others.

Spalding has released 5 acclaimed solo albums and appeared on a number of others including: 2008's Esperanza, which scored big with critics and listeners alike. The album topped Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Albums chart and remained on it for over 70 weeks. In addition, it became the best-selling album by a new jazz artist internationally.

In 2010 Spalding released Chamber Music Society, comprised of eight originals and three covers — including Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington's "Wild Is the Wind" and Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Inutil Paisagem The album reached number one on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.

In addition to her Grammys, she has also received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Jazz Artist, Boston Music Award for Jazz Artist of the Year, Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for the Performing Arts, Soul Train Music Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Artist/Group, Frida Kahlo Award for Innovative Creativity, and ASCAP Foundation Jazz Vanguard Award.

Esperanza has been a long-time supporter of O Street Museum's Artist-in-Residence and Heroes programs.


Virtual Concerts

PRESENTED BY SHC Music Tribe & O Museum

Click on each of the images to watch a video

  • Ari Hest Valentine's Day Concert| O Museum in The Mansion

  • Darden Smith Concert For The O Museum

  • Already Gone-Marc Douglas Berardo

  • Dan Navarro | Concert For The O Museum in The Mansion

  • Will Kimbrough Concert For O Museum in The Mansion

  • Freebo & Alice Howe Live at the O Museum

  • Conversation with Skunk Baxter


Jam sessions

Channel your inner rock star with other musicians in the business. You know who you are: lawyers, doctors, lobbyists by day - but around the clock, always a rock star in your heart. Our weekly jam sessions give musicians of all skill levels and genres an opportunity to learn and play together.

Bring your guitar, banjo or whatever you want to play and participate in a live jam session with seasoned artists.

Click on each of the images to watch a video

  • DC Bluegrass Union Jammin' at O Museum in The Mansion

  • National Heritage Fellow and "Guitar Man" WARNER WILLIAMS Jammin' at O Museum 4th Sunday every month

  • DC Bluegrass Union Outdoor Jam

  • Warner Williams Performs at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Intimate Performance by Warner Williams at The O Museum in The Mansion

  • Blues Legend Warner Williams Performing at O Museum

  • Origin of Rockabilly with Daryl Davis

I want to jam! listen & tour

Songwriters Workshop

Songwriters With: Seasoned Musicians

This workshop focuses on exploring the creative process through songwriting. Attendees will work with and learn from the most prolific songwriters in the industry to develop new techniques and enhance existing ones - all leading to a live performance at the end of the workshop.


Songwriting With: Soldiers

We've teamed with Songwriting With: Soldiers to bring these retreats to D.C. This program operates from a simple principle - pair veterans and active-duty service members with professional songwriters to craft songs about their military experiences. With a focus on collaboration and building trust, this innovative program, founded by Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Darden Smith, offers a unique path to helping soldiers, their families, communities and our nation cope with the aftermath of combat duty and the challenges in returning home.

Be the first to know when our next workshop is scheduled, join our e-mail list!


Music Beyond Boundaries

Sharing the joy of music goes well beyond D.C. Like our Borderless Art & Music in The Schools program, we are committed to bringing our experience to all those who need it. Our newest program will build a musical bridge with the embassies around the world by bringing our unique Americana performers to their Embassies & them sharing their unique musicians with us.

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Education & Social Justice Programs

Tours For The Deaf

American Sign Language (ASL) Secret Door Tour

Click to view video

Aiming to make a difference in the lives of the deaf we have created a special ASL tour video so they can enjoy the same level of immersion that all of our guests enjoy when they visit.

On this self-guided tour, guests will learn about our history, philosophy, and of course secret doors — told in American Sign Language — before heading out to explore. Then they'll find their way through themed rooms, secret doors, covert passages, and an array of different immersive exhibits — it's a world never before experienced. They'll be walking in the footsteps of presidents and freedom fighters, historians, and fiction writers.


Exploration and Discovery — Every Step Tells A Story

We weave storytelling, the arts, music, sports, science, and history into each program to guide our individual journey's toward understanding.

The only museum of its kind, the O Museum in The Mansion is dedicated to exploring the creative process. We inspire creativity, diversity and imagination through the fusion of the arts, music, science and sports. We empower people to dare to be different — and achieve things beyond what they know.

When you visit this unique attraction on your next Washington DC trip, you'll find your way through immersive themed exhibits, art galleries, secret doors (we have over 80 of them!), and covert passages to a world never experienced. You'll be walking in the footsteps of presidents and freedom fighters, historians and authors, artists and musicians, athletes, scholars and many more.

Named "The coolest place in DC" by we are a fun museum with unique collections that promote and embrace life, from every culture, resulting in a wide-ranging collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, books, artifacts, music, sports, science, and architecture from all over the globe. From the art, to the music, to the surroundings, no visit is ever the same.

Click on each of the images to watch a video

  • "Through the Looking Glass Exhibition" at O Museum with Robert James Studio

  • Sculptors of "Through The Looking Glass" Exhibit at The O Museum

  • The Pawn Stars Visit O Museum

  • Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis at The Mansion on O Street

  • Allyson Felix's Rio Olympics Running Spike - the Most Decorated U.S. Olympic Track Athlete Ever

  • Traveling Wilburys Promo Guitars

  • The Genesis of O Museum’s Secret Doors

  • The Fifth Dimension Room at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Newest Secret Door!

  • Have you seen the Halloween Room at The O?

  • Muppet shoes!

  • Britney Spears Guitar!

  • Explore The O with our intern Gus!

  • Every Step Tells a Story (Full Show)

  • The Log Cabin Room & James Patterson's Best Selling Book Four Blind Mice

  • New Immersive Experience, Chucky's Room

  • About O Museum in The Mansion

  • O Museum at a Pawn Stars Auction

  • Heroes & Artist-in-Residence Programs at O Museum

  • How O Museum Got It's Start

  • O Museum's Mission

  • The Billiards Room at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Sneek Peek of O Museum's New Exhibit - "Through The Looking Glass"

  • Bruce Springsteen Signed Guitar

  • Rare Wizard of Oz Books

  • Paul McCartney of The Beatles Signed Guitar

  • Traveling Wilburys Guitars

  • The Mother of The Civil Rights Movement Signed Statue

  • Miss USA Crown Up Close at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks & O Museum in The Mansion

  • Bring on the music and dance with us!

  • Angels Exist - A True Story Of Angels at O Museum in The Mansion

  • We'll Be Dancing Together Again Soon!

  • Music & Magic at O Museum. Featuring Felix Cavaliere: Everytime She Tells Me That She's Mine

  • Artifact Stories: Room Magic

  • We celebrate the hero in each and everyone of us.

  • Artifact Story: Traveling Wilburys

  • Artifact Stories: Musical Bathroom!

  • Artifact Stories: Norman Rockwell

  • Artifact Stories: Vanilla Ice the Electrician

  • Artifact Story: John Lennon's Psychic

  • Artifact Stories: The John Lennon Bathroom

  • Artifact Stories: Puzzling!

  • The Mansion on O Street

  • Ted Talks Books at the Mansion on O Street

  • Stories From Within: Cordell

  • O Museum Artifact Story: Mrs. Rosa Park's Congressional Medal of Honor Maquette

  • O Museum Artifact Story: Russian Samovar

  • When H and Rosa Parks met the Pope

  • Tik Tok McCartney Fast Final

Here you will find original artwork by Mersad Berber, Frederick Hart, Gerald Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and others; artist's letters; sports, movie, and music from rare Beatles memorabilia, to Janis Joplin's guitars and Bob Dylan's guitar when he was inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame in 1988, Miss USA's crown, Prince's Purple Rain Jacket, the flag that flew over Merrill Lynch during 9-11, and an original letter written by John Lennon. Our galleries are not limited to one genre so you'll also find written manuscripts, rare photos, art; pop art, modern art, etchings, photography, pop-culture, and signed guitars (we have more than 60).

O Street Museum offers an immersive, tactile experience making it one of DC's most unique attractions. Guests will search for hidden doors, leaf through manuscripts, touch sculpture, hear rare studio cuts, and tour through an array of diverse achitectual styles, secret doors, and our legendary themed exhibits — like the Log Cabin, the John Lennon Suite, the Safari room, and Mrs. Rosa Parks' room (we were her home-away-from-home for nearly 10 years).

Secrets & Spies

From it's rich history, to it's secret doors and hidden alcoves, mystery and intrigue are part of O Street's DNA. In the 1930's the home was converted into three separate rooming houses for FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's G-men. To combat the rise of organized crime, outlaws, and gangsters J. Edgar Hoover formed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These new agents became known by the name G-men (short for "Government Man"). Their operations were covert and the agents were so little known that they were often confused with Secret Service or Prohibition Bureau agents.

Mrs. Rosa Parks, The Mother of The Civil Rights Movement & The O

Mrs. Parks’ story, legacy, and connection to African American history in Washington, D.C. is little known — and yet, critical to the work she did. From 1994 to 2004 The Mansion on O and the O Street Museum was the place Mrs. Rosa Parks called her home-away-from-home.

Click on each of the images to watch a video

  • Did You Know Things You Don't Know Or Remember About Mrs Rosa Parks With The Edlin School, VA

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks' History at O Museum In The Mansion, Washington, DC

  • OFFICIAL "Thank You Sister Rosa" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan

  • Happy Birthday Mrs. Rosa Parks!

  • Rosa Parks: Douglas Brinkley at The Library of Congress

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks, Beyond The Bus Author on C-SPAN American History TV

  • NBC Washington Visited O Museum To Celebrate Rosa Parks Day

  • H speaks to Womens National Democratic Club

  • H.H. Leonards Author of “Rosa Parks Beyond the Bus” at the Carroll Arts Center

  • WUSA 9- Rosa Parks' Time Living in DC

  • C Span Interview - Love is all that Matters

  • H's New Book!

  • Rosa Parks Beyond The Bus - Enough Featuring Ranky Tanky

  • ROSA PARKS BEYOND THE BUS: Life, Lessons, and Leadership

  • ROSA PARKS BEYOND THE BUS: Life, Lessons, and Leadership

  • C Span Interview - The Real Mrs Rosa Parks

  • WJLA Interview with H

  • Aretha Franklin & Rev. Jesse Jackson - "I'll Fly Away"

  • Susan Reyburn, Author of Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words Discussing the Book at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Smokey Robinson — You Are Forever

  • Jesse Colin Young : For My Sisters

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks & O Museum in The Mansion

  • C Span Interview - Leading by Example

  • Unveiling of Rosa Parks Plaque, 5/31/19

  • Making The Music: "Mrs. Rosa Parks" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan of Hootie and The Blowfish

  • Spreading Mrs. Rosa Parks Messages of Unity & Love #HoldMyHandChallenge #RosaParks

  • C Span Interview - Truth Behind the Title

  • Take a Mrs. Rosa Parks Tour

  • Did You Know These Things About Mrs. Rosa Parks? #HoldMyHandChallenge

  • FOX 5: Rosa Parks and The Mansion on O Street

  • Rosa Parks: Douglas Brinkley at The Library of Congress

  • Living My Own Religion

  • That All Might Know Love — From Our Album "Love Is All That Matters"

  • OFFICIAL "Thank You Sister Rosa" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan

  • C Span Interview - Defining Moments with my Mentor

  • The Power of Love (My Wish) — Written by Gordon Titcomb, Performed by Felix Cavaliere

  • Smokey Robinson — You Are Forever

  • Jesse Colin Young : For My Sisters

  • "Band Together For America" Featuring Lee Roy Parnell, Felix Cavaliere, Joe Bonamassa (CC)

  • Love Is Love (Official Video) - Jeff Plankenhorn

  • "Band Together For America" Featuring Lee Roy Parnell, Felix Cavaliere, Joe Bonamassa

  • Making The Music: "Mrs. Rosa Parks" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan of Hootie and The Blowfish

  • On My Way

  • Aretha Franklin & Rev. Jesse Jackson - "I'll Fly Away"

  • When H and Rosa Parks met the Pope

  • H shares Rosa Parks: Beyond the Bus with Caplin News

  • WMNF Community Speaks Podcast feat. H. H. Leonards

  • A Girl Scout's Rosa Parks Reflection

On December 1, 1955, with one simple act, Mrs. Parks changed the world. She helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama bus. That simple act of courage made her one of the most important women in American history. A woman of few words, her action forever – and positively – impacted the lives of people all over the globe.

While Mrs. Rosa Parks was with us she met with dignitaries, heads-of-state, and leaders, including President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Benjamin Hooks, and Dorothy Height here. Close friends of Mrs. Parks stayed with her while she was living with us, including Cicely Tyson, Mamie Till, Miles Davis, Angela Bassett, Artis Lane and her closest friend Mrs. Elaine Steele, Executive Director of The Rosa and Raymond Parks Pathways to Freedom, in Detroit, Michigan.

Mrs. Parks passed away on the 24th of October 2005 in her Detroit apartment. Her body laid in state at the Capitol Rotunda, the first woman to have ever been given this honour. She became the first African American woman to be honored with a life-size statue in the Capitol.

O Museum In The Mansion is a historic site on The African American Heritage Trail which identifies sites that are important in local and national history and culture. It recognizes the people and places that have shaped Washington, DC. A plaque commemorating Mrs. Parks was recently installed and can be seen when you visit.

51 Steps To Freedom Trail

51 Steps To Freedom Trail® — Unites DC from Anacostia to Georgetown — combining history, art, and culture to connect prominent Civil Rights sites from The African American Heritage Trail (and other historical, religious and cultural places) to inspire, educate, and tell the story of America’s journey for freedom, equality, and representation.

As Our Nation’s Capital, DC has always been the place for people to come together and exercise our first amendment rights in peaceful and meaningful ways. From the Women’s Suffrage Procession on March 3, 1913 to the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August, 1963 to The Million Man March October 16, 1995 — to today — our city's streets have paved the way for change, understanding, and healing.

Now more than ever our country and our city needs to be reunited as one. This unique trail will provide an immersive experience for our citizens and visitors to gain a better understanding of our history and each other.

Learn More

Civic Responsibility Education

Working Toward A Common Goal: Civic Responsibility For All

From 1994 to 2004, O Museum was the place Mrs. Parks called “my home-away-from-home.” Through Mrs. Parks’ lessons of love, compassion, and hope, these programs focus on changing people’s hearts about systemic racism.

O Museum (501c3) is focused on healing systemic racism — and disparity — by promoting human rights through compassion and understanding. We are focused on carrying on the life’s work of Mrs. Rosa Parks in youth development and civil rights education and advocacy. Volunteers from professional, technical, community, and international backgrounds are recruited and trained to share their knowledge and skills reflecting Mrs. Parks’ approach to self development.

Mrs. Rosa Parks believed deeply in civic responsibility. Her work included active participation in the community, with a focus on the common good. Thus, our programs uphold values that include justice, freedom, equality, diversity beyond color, human rights, tolerance, and self respect.

We also create customized multi-tiered self empowerment programs and training globally. We provide tools for children to better themselves -- and for companies to add depth, context -- and solutions -- to all levels of their organization. 


READ: Saturday Evening Post   Ms Magazine   Publishers Weekly  Washingtonian  Southern Lit Review

LISTEN: Big Blend Radio  Conversations with Creative Women  Tell-The-Story   New Books Network  Behind The Books

School Field Trips

Students say it's: "Fun, Inspiring, & Awesome"

Built in 1892, the historic Mansion on O Street & O Museum was the place Mrs. Rosa Parks - the mother of the civil rights movement - called home from 1994 to 2003. Her brave defiance sparked a revolution when she refused to give up her seat on a segregated Alabama bus in 1955.

We all know about Mrs. Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus, which was the spark of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, but did you know she was assaulted in her own home in Detroit by thugs in her neighborhood when she was quite old? How did she handle that, how did she continue to reach out and help others after that? No matter how famous you become, things happen. Every experience helps us figure out who we want to become, to truly help others.

Students will first view a short video to learn about Mrs. Parks' life in the O Museum in The Mansion, her work here - and globally - to champion others, and how she inspired, and still inspires, us all.

Then, in her spirit, your students will work together to explore themselves, engage with each other, and experience how working as a team (respecting each others' differences) helps us all be better people.

Teams will decipher clues and search for items related to Mrs. Parks' life and work - visit her favorite rooms, and view mementos she has given us. At the end of their journey they will come together to discuss their experience.

Kids Programs

Our children's programs encourage hands on exploration and immersion in the creative process.

Embark on this one of a kind fun filled journey through at least 60 of our 100 rooms and many secret doors at our O'Kids PlayDate! Way more fun than an amusement park - explore The Mansion's winding hallways and expansive rooms searching for secret doors. Enjoy delicious home baked cookies and a glass of milk. Then embark on a treasure hunt searching for designated items to find.


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The Road to Economic Freedom

Students learn financial literacy when they join and manage the mock bank “1st Road to Economic Freedom Bank” — including budget management, financial planning, savings, investing, goal setting, consumer power, responsibility for philanthropy, creating wealth and entrepreneurship. These skills go beyond the classroom to empower children to earn, invest, manage, save, and give back.



Art & Literature Programs

Borderless Art & Music In The Schools

Museums can provide immersive learning experiences, inspire imagination, and introduce unknown concepts and ideas spurring further exploration. Yet, for many children, museums aren’t accessible. Our Borderless Art in the Schools Program would offer both rotating exhibits by established artists and exchanging student art in other schools and the community, as well as music programs and recitals here.

Our Borderless Art in the Schools Program offers both rotating exhibits by established artists and exchanging student art in others schools and the community.


Meet The Author Series

With over 20,000 books and 15,000 works of art this program gives authors and artists the opportunity to connect with their audience for meaningful dialogue. We have been featured in numerous books including The John Lennon Letters by Hunter Davies, Four Blind Mice by James Patterson, Afterburn by Zane and The Dead Drop by Gilda Joyce. Some authors and artists that have spoken include, Chip Duncan, Frederick Hart, Brad Meltzer, Helen Thomas, James Carville, Loung Ung, Meera Gandhi, Mrs. Rosa Parks and Studs Turkel. Visit our archives below.

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Peggy Wallace Kennedy author of The Broken Road
Peggy Wallace Kennedy author of The Broken Road

Born into one of the most powerful political families in the history of the American South, Peggy Wallace Kennedy is recognized as one of America’s most important voices for peace and reconciliation. From her unique perspective of living behind the gates of the Alabama Governor’s Mansion as her father, George Wallace, rose to become one of America’s most influential populists, Peggy Wallace Kennedy offers a compelling narrative of her family’s history and its relevance to the current version of the politics of rage.

Traveling with her father in 1968 during his presidential campaign, Peggy bore witness to the power of anger and fear at Wallace Rallies in America’s heartland and northeastern factory cities as crowds of disaffected white men and women saw themselves in her father’s eyes. And in May of 1972, she was called from a college classroom and told that her father had been gunned down in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Maryland.

However, it is the story of Peggy’s personal journey to redemption and the love of her two sons that captures the hearts of those who hear her voice. After years of standing in the shadow of others, Peggy Wallace Kennedy challenges us to believe in ourselves so that we too can walk to higher ground. And she demonstrates best the notion that none of us can be held responsible for the circumstances of our birth, but all of us will be held responsible for who we can become.

In her powerful new memoir, Peggy looks back on the politics of her youth and attempts to reconcile her adored father with the man who coined the phrase “Segregation now. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever.”

A'Lelia Bundles
Author of Madam C.J. Walker
A'Lelia Bundles

Bundles, great-great-granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker, lovingly traces the life and career of the first black female millionaire in America, a woman who literally went from rags to riches and generously contributed to civil rights causes until her death.

A'Lelia Bundles grew up in Indianapolis in a family of civic minded business executives. She was named after her great-grandmother (via adoption) A'Lelia Walker (1885–1931), a central figure of the Harlem Renaissanceand daughter of entrepreneur Madam C. J. Walker.

She was a producer and executive with ABC News, serving as director of talent development in Washington, DC and New York; as deputy bureau chief in Washington, DC; as a producer for World News Tonight with Peter Jennings; and as chair of a diversity council advising ABC News president David Westin. Prior to joining ABC News, she was a producer with NBC News in the New York, Houston and Atlanta bureaus for The Today Show and NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. She also was a producer in Washington, DC for two of NBC's magazine programs co-anchored by Connie Chung and Roger Mudd during the 1980s.

Awards duPont Gold Baton, 1994
American Book Award, 1992
Black Caucus of the American Library Association Honor Book, 2002
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2015
MacDowell Colony Fellowship, 2017

Alice Beasley
Art of Illusion - Artist Talk
Alice Beasley

Fabric is her chosen medium of expression through which she creates realistic portraits of people and objects.

Her work has been exhibited in many venues throughout the United States including the American Folk Art Museum in New York and the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum as well as abroad in Madrid, France, Japan and Namibia. Her work has been purchased or commissioned by a number of individuals and public entities including the County of Alameda, Kaiser Hospital, Highland Hospital and the Sunnyvale Medical Facility.

From the artist: "I find color, light, shadow, line and value in the pattern of ordinary household fabrics. From these I snip small pieces which I arrange and fuse into a figurative composition. As such the work grows from within rather than being applied to the surface of a canvas by paint, pencil or similar drawing tools. When the image is complete, I sew it together with the stitch line constituting the final “drawn” line."

Andrea Seiger
Author of 111 Places in Washington That You Must Not Miss
Andrea Seiger

Andréa Seiger is the author of “111 Places in Washington That You Must Not Miss,” an off-the track guidebook for adventuresome visitors, and locals who wish to find new ways to enjoy their own city. She has been in the tourism and meetings industry for 31 years, and has had many uniquely DC opportunities.

She is a road tripping junkie, and is happy to go anywhere on any day, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic. She loves flea markets, auctions, outdoorsy adventures and craft shows anywhere; exploring every place she goes and shopping the local color.

As for DC, she is a total contrarian to the concept that “one never plays tourist in one’s own city.” She is spoiled by the fact that Smithsonian Museums are free and full of wonder.  She knows most of DC by landmarks and loves to explore the nooks and crannies of her home town. She keeps a list of places she still needs to go and things she needs to do in the city, as there are always spots and events to explore that one might not yet know.

In her spare time, she maintains her own small business, Urban Safari, which deals in creating special off-the-beaten-path visits to unique and intriguing locations in the US and abroad.


Meet The Artist Series

O Street Museum in The Mansion provides a forum for local artists to go national and global. Devoid of velvet ropes & glass borders, visitors are able to immerse themselves in the creative process & experience the exhibits up close and personal.

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Rythmic Rebels
Sandrine Lee
Rythmic Rebels

French born photographer Sandrine Lee has lived, studied and worked in NYC for over a decade. Via her husband, Will Lee, she has entered the music world and made it her main photographic playground. Sandrine has been an artist-in-residence many times at O Museum.

“I love working with musicians, they are creatively open, daring & most don't take themselves too seriously! It's refreshing in these serious times. I think that in order to take a good portrait, I have to fall in love with my subject a little. For some it's pure admiration of their talent, others their heart and soul and some the whole package. And so, more often then not they become friends and no matter what, they are all dear to me. I feel so lucky to have gotten close to them and hope that their beautiful essence shows through to all, as it does for me.”
— Sandrine Lee

Faces of Hope
Chip Duncan
A Photo Exhibit of Afghanistan, Pakistan & Darfur
Faces of Hope

“The images in this collection speak volumes about the wisdom, joy, humor, love and sorrow found every day Afghanistan, Pakistan and Darfur. The people profiled in this exhibition overcome unimaginable crisis every day. Their spirit is my inspiration.” — Chip Duncan

Filmmaker, author, photographer and recipient of more than 100 national and international awards for his work, Chip Duncan has filmed in more than forty countries, including many areas impacted by natural and manmade disaster. He is also a board member for Relief International ( and has been an artist-in-residence many times at O Museum.

Duncan’s work is profiled in the book Enough To Go Around – Searching for Hope in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Darfur (Select Books, NYC, 2009).

This is the first exhibit of Duncan’s work in the Washington DC area. Chip Duncan’s Afghanistan photos were exhibited during August, 2011 as part of the World Peace Festival in Berlin.

First Ladies of Rock
Gerald Johnson
First Ladies of Rock

Gerald Johnson's art can be found in the National Gallery of Art, The White House, and the Treasury Department, as well as over three hundred corporate collections in America, Europe and China.

He was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and now lives in the DC area. He earned his fine arts degree and completed his graduate studies in printmaking and painting at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of North Carolina. Gerald has been an artist-in-residence many times at O Museum.

"The O Museum has challenged my creativity and championed my art. Every artist's dream is to find a receptive audience for their work. Twenty-five years ago, carrying 10 tiny collages into this mysterious house on O Street I found that audience; always saying "Do what is in your heart."

African Art Show

LUANGISA African Gallery was founded in 1996 by the Luangisa family from Bukoba, Tanzania. They carry authentic, Fair Trade, modern African art, artifacts, fashion, home decor, jewelry and textiles. They work directly with artisans across the continent to share their rich African culture and heritage with the world.


Harness The Power of Good - Raise Money for Your Organization

Harness The Power of Good: Partner with O Museum to raise money for your cause

What is a charity shopping spree?
It’s a fundraiser where O Museum “gives back” to non-profit organizations. It’s easy! Your members shop in the O Museum on-line store during their designated 48 hour period and put in their special code at check-out and we will donate 10% - 20% (depending on the item) of their purchase to your charity. There is no cost to your organization.

Who is eligible?
Any registered non-profit organization or school. This includes church groups, charities and more.

When are they held?
A charity spree can be held during any 48 hour period of your choice.

How does a shopping spree work?
Save the date. Contact us via e-mail with the date you’d like to host your shopping spree and we’ll give you a code for your charity to use.

Spread the word. Create a graphic (or we’ll give you one) that includes your shopping code and a link to the museum store to promote your event. Be sure to distribute your shopping code and the link on your social channels, in e-mail blasts and on your website — to as many people as possible (we can help you with that too). Remember, the code is
required with each purchase to receive credit for the sale. The more sales you bring in, the bigger your donation!

Shop. During the designated time frame your members will shop and use your special code to raise money for you.

Curbside pick-up or shipping options are available.

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Fundraising at O Street Museum

As a non-profit we understand the need to need for monetary support to carry out your organization's good works. As a partner to some of the most renowned and passionate charities we know how to drive that support.

Creating memorable events for your organization can raise funds, awareness and friends in the community generating lasting relationships that will help support your organization for years to come.

Cause Related Marketing

Collaborating and supporting non-profit organizations is a powerful way to build brand awareness and loyalty. In additon to raising much needed funds for charitable organizations these partnerships help to communicate your organizations values to the world.

When you team with O Street Museum Foundation you show your support for the arts, sciences and the creative process necessary for discovery in all areas.

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Art and the Office

More frequently you hear the question "What can business do for the arts?", particularly now as the government continues to cut funding for the arts. The O Street Museum prefers to ask "What can the arts do for business?"

Galleries and museums serve an important purpose, enriching lives by promoting creativity and different ways of thinking - but they are removed from most people's daily lives.

The O Street Museum Foundation brings art to the workplace. These exhibits provide employees a needed relief from the ordinary and project a successful image to your customers, without capital investment.

To assure that the environment stays fresh, The O Street Museum Foundation rotates the art on a regular basis, or brings in an entirely new exhibit. We are home to the most expansive gallery available to make your office a continued inspiration.

Art Leasing

We can help you extend the creativity of O Street Museum to your home or office through our Art Leasing Program. The Foundation has a collection of over fifteen thousand works of art and music memorabilia. Our wide-ranging collections offer you a unique opportunity to lease and display fine art through our art leasing and traveling exhibits program.

Our seasoned associates are positioned throughout the world. They acquire posters in Rotterdam, sculptures in Italy, chalk prints in Kyota, acrylics in Oklahoma and fine paintings at auctions in London and New York.

As an advisor and planner, clients receive carefully-crafted programs for personal and/or corporate art investments, public exhibitions, and brand recognition. For clients whose primary emphasis is investment art, our portfolio allows for that option - as well as the opportunity to install rotating public space exhibitions, organized by our trained curatorial specialists.

The O Street Museum Foundation is dedicated to serving cultural, scientific and educational needs, with a focus on the creative process. Our collection promotes and embraces life, from every culture, resulting in a broad collection of paintings, photographs, and sculpture and other objects of art - all of which we're proud to share with our guests.

Art & Investment

The art market is a good one. One reason is because investments in fine art and antiques are exceedingly resistant to the ravages of a volatile market. But, like other markets, opportunities are missed and mistakes are made. The Mansion provides professional guidance and suggestions to help you make sound profitable investments.

For clients whose primary emphasis is in creating a look - without the investment - our art leasing program allows for this option - as well as the opportunity to install rotating public space exhibitions, organized by our trained curatorial specialists.

With an eye for both new and internationally-known artists, we provide consultation on art investments that offer solid - and on occasion spectacular - appreciation over time.

But most of all, art is a joy.


The Arts & Brand Recognition

Take a lesson from corporations and other institutions. They get a lot of mileage and public support from sponsoring art exhibitions. If they can use art to improve their image, perhaps you can too.

We specialize in the design and execution of image-building art programs so important to modern business marketing.

With an eye toward cost-effectiveness, we can show you how to achieve public recognition for your brand -- and also recover most or all promotional costs.

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