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  • Group Tours / Student Tours “Top five historic venues to explore - in the world.”

    — Smithsonian Magazine
  • Group Tours / Student Tours “The Coolest Place in DC”

    — booking.com
  • Group Tours / Student Tours “We had a great time searching for secret doors and looking at all the memorabilia! Your staff is exceptional; helpful and friendly!! ”

    — Marcia Pickholtz, Hilton Hotels
  • Group Tours / Student Tours “Our high school students had an ABSOLUTE BLAST exploring the museum! What a fun night and the PERFECT way to top off our school trip to D.C.! Can we do more than five stars???!!! Can't wait to come back!”

    — Shelly Cunningham, Cherry Tree Lane Adventures
  • Group Tours / Student Tours “ARC staff visited the museum yesterday. All day they have sent me comments: 'Best event ever!', 'It was so much fun'... 'I'm coming back with my family'... 'I have to stay overnight'... 'I think this is the best Black History program we have ever done'... Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    — Candace Stribling, Appalachian Regional Commission
  • Group Tours / Student Tours “Tours at O Museum are a wonderful meld of adventure and magic... which is why we include it as the final, pinnacle stop for our special VIP clients visiting Washington, DC. Our guests consistently find it unique and engaging... it's fun for everyone, and the food is beyond amazing.”

    — Randy Julian, Julian Tours

The Secret Door Museum

Student Field Trips & Group Tours for All Ages

Immerse yourself in the legacies of artists, musicians, thinkers and heroes, all united in their common capacity and unquenchable desire... to dream. (45 minute minimum, maximum time needed 2 hours)

Over 100 rooms (guaranteed to see at least 60). Over 80 secret doors to search for (guaranteed to be able to find at least 32) If you find 2 you are above average.

GREAT early morning or evening activity! We're open after most museums close.

Tour Options & Pricing — Every Step Tells A Story

Group Tours / Student Tours
[Champagne Tour]

Champagne Tour

A glass of bubbly & immersive journey
30 or more guests: $38/per

(tours after 3pm add $5/person)

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Group Tours / Student Tours
[Mrs. Rosa Parks Tour]

Mrs. Rosa Parks Tour

Visit her room, learn about her time in DC
30 or more guests: $28/person

(tours after 3pm add $5/person)

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Group Tours / Student Tours
[Espionage & Intrigue Hunt]

Espionage & Intrigue Hunt

Mystery & intrigue on this real-life treasure hunt!
30 or more guests: $37/person

(tours after 3pm add $5/person)

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Group Tours / Student Tours
[Secret Door Tour]

Secret Door Tour

Explore themed rooms, unique exhibits & Secret Doors
American Sign Language Available.
30 or more guests: $24/person

(tours after 3pm add $5/person)

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Group Tours / Student Tours
[Tour Enhancements - Food & Beverages]

Tour Enhancements

Exotic cheese & crackers or crudite $10/person

Cash or bar package (inquire)

Breakfast: $21/person
fruit, sweet breads, yogurt parfait, juice, coffee, tea, cocoa

Pizza party: $25/person
pizza, cookies & soda

Assorted Cookies (4 kinds) hot coffee/tea: $12/person
Assorted Cakes (4 kinds) hot coffee/tea: $15/person

Group Tours / Student Tours
[Faith & Angels Tour]

Faith & Angels Tour

Take a journey filled with hope & joy
30 or more guests: $24/person

(tours after 3pm add $5/person)

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Things to Note

  • Tours available from 6am - 11pm, (by appointment) based on availability
  • Tour intro available in: American Sign Language, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, & Spanish
  • Performance opportunities available (perform where GRAMMY winners have! SEE WHO)
  • Easy drop-off & pick-up for busses (bus parking info: godcgo.com/motorcoach)
  • Outdoor gardens available
  • Comp ticket for bus driver
  • Children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult at all times (1 adult to every 10 kids is required for school groups)
  • Ask about our chaperone program if you do not have this ratio
  • Non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold the space. Full payment is due: 60 days prior
  • Reservations to hold the date must be made online
  • 10% tax, 20% service, and gratuity is additional for food add-ons and Speakeasy Hunt
  • We are a proud member of SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association)
  • O Museum is an independent non-profit - proceeds support our arts and social justice programs

See What It's Like to Visit

Click on each of the images to watch a video

  • Experience The Secret Door Museum

  • See what it's like to tour O Museum in The Mansion.

  • Quakertown Senior High Choir blesses O Museum with song!

  • About O Museum in The Mansion

  • We celebrate the hero in each and everyone of us.

  • Travel Channel : Mega Mansions

  • Guest Story: Shawnee's Dictionary

  • American Sign Language Secret Door Tour at O Museum - Trailer

  • Did You Know? Things You Don't Know (Or Remember) About Mrs. Rosa Parks. From The Edlin School, VA

  • Shhhh... It's A Secret.

  • The Pawn Stars Visit O Museum

  • 100 Rooms, 80 Secret Doors, and Unique Collections — Group Tours At O Museum

  • "Through the Looking Glass Exhibition" at O Museum with Robert James Studio

  • ASL Tour of O Museum in the Mansion

  • Sneek Peek into The Secret Door Museum in Washington DC