Mrs. Rosa Parks Tribute Album

Mrs. Rosa Parks Tribute Album: "Love Is All That Matters"

On December 1, 1955, with one simple act, Mrs. Parks changed the world. She helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama bus. That simple act of courage made her one of the most important women in American history. A woman of few words, her action forever – and positively – impacted the lives of people all over the globe.

In celebration of Mrs. Rosa Parks, we are honored to announce we are producing a "Tribute Album to Mrs. Rosa Parks: Love Is All That Matters". The album is a collection of songs by super stars — to honor a hero.

Compassion is contagious — some of music’s greatest artists (Smokey Robinson, Carole King, Hootie & the Blowfish, Arturo Sandoval, Jesse Colin Young, Jennifer Hudson, Cyril Neville, Aretha Franklin & Paul Williams, just to name a few.) have come together to create this groundbreaking collection of empowering music to promote compassion and spur reconciliation. Featuring a wide range of performers, songwriters, and musicians with an array of disciplines and points-of-view — this collection will engage a wide audience to spur productive conversations and foster social harmony.

From gender, to politics, to religion, to race — the world is more divided today than it has ever been — we believe music has the power to unite us. It can teach, change hearts, and heal us all. This collection will harness this power to spread Mrs. Rosa Parks’ messages of unity and love.


As an accompaniment to the current exhibit “Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words” on display at The Library of Congress, this album will add depth, layers, and context — through music — to help us understand how we can all live an exemplary life like she did.

We, like Mrs. Parks, imagine a world where kindness and understanding is the rule. This project will support that vision — offering listeners the opportunity to explore themselves, connect with a lyric, or be moved by a song. Music has a lasting effect, it can create bonds of empathy for one another to help bridge the divide.     

Now more than ever the world needs to be reminded of Mrs. Parks’ gentle strength, her peaceful activism, and her capacity for compassion and forgiveness — we invite you to be part of these critical project.

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Celebrate The Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks


To celebrate the life of Mrs. Rosa Parks we are asking you to come together and hold hands with your friends, family, pets, neighbors, school mates, and office mates starting February 4th.

Help spread Mrs. Parks' messages of hope, unity, and love when you participate - document and share your hand holding experience on your favorite social channel and invite 3 friends to do the challenge as well.

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Thank you Hootie & The Blowfish for lending your song "Hold My Hand" to this movement
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Programs & Panels Celebrating Mrs. Parks

In support of The Library of Congress’ Exhibition “Mrs. Rosa Parks In Her Own Words,” the Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute (RRPI) and O Museum in The Mansion (OM) have partnered to create unique programming that added depth, layers, and context to the exhibit through personal stories from those who knew Mrs. Parks, and those whose lives were changed by her actions, her exemplary way of life, and quiet strength.

This series of events, panel discussions, books, concerts, focus on how Mrs. Parks' determination and love helped to fuel the women's empowerment movement and civil rights movements.

With the racial tensions plaguing our country today, Mrs. Parks' story is more germane than ever. Although she is famous for being the mother of the civil rights movement, as well as the mother of the freedom movement, her life-time activism and personal history also helped create the underpinnings for today's women's movement — and the human rights movement.

Mrs Parks' Life in DC

Mrs. Parks’ story, legacy, and connection to Washington, D.C. is little known — and yet, critical to the work she did. From 1994 to 2004 The Mansion on O and the O Street Museum was the place Mrs. Rosa Parks called her home-away-from-home.

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  • FOX 5: Rosa Parks and The Mansion on O Street

  • Congressman John Lewis' Inspiration — Mrs. Rosa Parks

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks & O Museum in The Mansion

  • Unveiling of Rosa Parks Plaque, 5/31/19

  • Rosa Parks: Douglas Brinkley at The Library of Congress

  • Making The Music: "Mrs. Rosa Parks" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan of Hootie and The Blowfish

  • Did You Know These Things About Mrs. Rosa Parks? #HoldMyHandChallenge

  • Spreading Mrs. Rosa Parks Messages of Unity & Love #HoldMyHandChallenge #RosaParks

  • Susan Reyburn, Author of Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words Discussing the Book at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Rosa Parks: Douglas Brinkley at The Library of Congress

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks' History at O Museum In The Mansion, Washington, DC

  • Aretha Franklin & Rev. Jesse Jackson - "I'll Fly Away" - From The Rosa Parks Tribute Album

She came to stay with us, after H.H. Leonards, founder of The O Museum in The Mansion received a phone call from Brother Willis Edwards, head of the NAACP in Beverly Hills (and also the founder of the NAACP Image Awards) saying Mrs. Parks had been attacked and beaten at the age of 81 (in her home in Detroit) and needed a safe place to heal and rest. Lady H (as Mrs. Parks called her).

"I remember our phone call and his words as if it was yesterday. In Brother Willis’ wonderful, soft but heart piercing low register tone, grabbing me in, he said, “Could Mrs. Parks please stay in your hotel until she heals emotionally and physically?” Emotion came through the phone. I could feel his pain. Brother Willis said one of the reasons he called me was that he had heard that we had a very strict privacy policy (which we do) and he wanted to be sure no one knew she was staying with us.

"If I can find her a free flight from Detroit, he continued, "could she stay here for just a few days, at no cost?

He said Mrs. Parks would not be here for long as she wanted to go back to Detroit when she felt better to work with the kids in her neighborhood. He said Mrs. Parks wanted to assure the children that they were the legends of tomorrow — unlike the boy that had attacked her — and how much she loved her children, as he put it. This was important to her.

He said he would bring Mrs. Parks, her best friend Elaine Steele who was co-founder with Mrs. Parks and also the Executive Director of The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development (RRPI), and Ms. Steele’s sister, Anita Peek, who also worked at RRPI. He said they would need four rooms because all three of them would then be able to tend to her.

Brother Willis said she was in very bad shape. He said he didn’t know when she would be released from the hospital, but when she was, they just needed a quiet, safe place. Sadly, I actually did not know who Mrs. Parks was. But I said yes."

Excerpt from the book "Love is All That Matters" by H.H. Leonards

Take a Mrs. Parks Tour

There is a Reason Things Happen the Way They Do

"In late September of 1994, Mrs. Parks graced my door, and forever impacted my life in the sanctuary of The Mansion on O Street, right in the center of our Nation’s Capital, 2020 O Street, N.W.

For the first few years she was here, I knew her heart, but I did not know what she had accomplished. It was several years before I learned that she was famous. What is strange looking back is I now realize I am a person who simply believes in blind faith and asks no questions. For me blind faith is a good thing. It allows me to love, with no thought of gain. I could thus come to love, purely. With love, you don’t look for someone to complete you, but for someone to share your completeness.

I have to admit that when I found out who she was, I was embarrassed by my ignorance. But even then, I didn’t stop to do any research about who she was, or what she had done. I knew her soul, her heart. To make this circle of understanding complete, I didn’t think to research the friends she brought here to stay with her (or simply visit). I also never asked her any questions about her past. I simply shared time with her."

Excerpt from the book "Did You Know? Things You Don’t Know (Or Remember) About Mrs. Rosa Parks by H.H. Leonards

Sister Elaine Steele, co-founder of Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute

Brother Willis Edwards, who brought Mrs. Parks to The O Museum in the Mansion

Mrs. Rosa Parks met with dignitaries, heads-of-state, and leaders, including President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Benjamin Hooks, and Dorothy Height here. Close friends of Mrs. Parks stayed with her while she was living here, including Cicely Tyson, Mamie Till, Miles Davis, Angela Bassett, Artis Lane and her closest friend Mrs. Elaine Steele, Executive Director of The Rosa and Raymond Parks Pathways to Freedom, in Detroit, Michigan. A deeply religious woman Mrs. Parks hosted formal monthly First Sunday Gospel Brunches here, where guests wore a hat and white gloves.

Tea Parties & Sharing the World

Mrs. Parks loved entertaining friends here. She often held formal “Gospel Brunches” on the first Sunday of every month. And almost every year on her birthday, she would hold fabulous tea parties for her friends, who would arrive from all parts of the world.

One year, on a Sunday afternoon during one of Mrs. Parks’ birthday tea parties, a couple across the street at 2015 O Street called the police repeatedly about a party that “was disturbing the peace.” When the police didn’t come immediately to investigate, they added this to their complaint, “People of another color are breaking into The Mansion at 2020 O Street.” I know this because one of the policemen that showed up told me.

The police sent six cars and left them double parked in the street, several with their flashers on. When the officers entered, they found 80 of Mrs. Parks’ closest friends, mostly elderly, all wearing pill-box hats and white gloves, having tea. When everyone’s initial embarrassment passed (the policemen’s and Mrs. Parks’ and her guests’) the officers had a memorable time meeting a most gracious Mrs. Rosa Parks.

After “the incident,” I apologized for my neighbor’s behavior. Mrs. Parks turned to me and said, “Dear, this is okay. When those people go to sell their house, you need to buy it for me. That’s how you deal with racism.”

Mrs. Parks’ grace, superseded karma. In finding truth, answers come in different forms, at different times.

Excerpt from the book "Love is All That Matters" by H.H. Leonards

Mrs. Parks passed away on the 24th of October 2005 in her Detroit apartment. Her body laid in state at the Capitol Rotunda, the first woman to have ever been given this honour. She became the first African American woman to be honored with a life-size statue in the Capitol. Lady H was a pallbearer at her mentor’s three funerals, in Montgomery Alabama, Washington D.C. and Detroit Michigan.

The African American Heritage Trail identifies sites that are important in local and national history and culture -recognizing the people and places that have shaped our city. A plaque commemorating Mrs. Parks was recently installed and can be seen when you visit.

Books by the Founder : HH Leonards

Written by the Founder: HH Leonards

Did you Know

Mrs. Parks' life, legacy, and connection to Washington, D.C. is little known. With the "Me-Too" movement and rising racial tensions, communicating her story and what she stood for is even more needed, today.

Coming Soon

Love is All that Matters

A special collection of personal memories, anecdotes, incidents, and observations illustrating her gentle strength, peaceful activism, and capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

Coming Soon

Mrs. Rosa Parks Double Book Collection

Both Did You Know and Love Is All That Matters in one book.

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