Special Tours

Breakfast Tour

Top 5 historic venues to explore - in the world! -Smithsonian.com

Groups of 10 or more will enjoy our delicious continental breakfast and engage in a short discussion to learn the history and philosophy of The Mansion.

Afterwards tour through our themed rooms and behind secret doors to experience the creative process.

We have over 100 rooms and 70 secret doors (yes 70!) to explore. We guarantee you can see at least 60 of our legendary rooms — but be warned secret doors are tricky to find — if you find 2 or 3 you are an above average sleuth.

- Private room (one hour)
- Continental breakfast
(sweet breads, yogurt parfait, fresh fruit hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate)
- Short discussion
(on our history & philosophy)
- Explore our themed rooms - Search for secret doors


— Espionage & Intrigue Hunt: decipher clues and search for special spy & mystery themed items while you tour.

— Hidden Gems Hunt: use our clue card to search for some of our favorite things and keep track of your own while you tour.

(bringing your own hunt sheet is strictly prohibited)

Bring your own shopping bags. Everything is for sale!

Museum Closes
— Sunday - Wednesday at 6pm
(5pm reservations will only have one hour to explore)

— Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights promptly at 9 p.m.
(8pm reservations will only have one hour to explore)

Entire balance is paid in full when you place your reservation.

Pick a Date 5/25/2024


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Last reservation of the day will only have one hour to explore.