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Sons of Town Hall - Concert & Tour

— Tour: 7:00 PM
— Concert: 8:00 PM
— Cash Bar

Part balladry, part performance art, and totally cool…complete with Victorian-era costumes, sing-alongs, and meditations about the seafaring life….Think Simon & Garfunkel lost at sea, and you get a sense of the mythic world at play here.
– Philadelphia Inquirer

Time-traveling, Transatlantic folk duo sailing the seven seas bringing harmony & happiness to the world.

George Ulysses Brown hails from the South of England and a long line of butchers. At 16, he ran away from the family business and his abusive father and never looked back. George spent the better part of the next decade in and out of prisons and public houses. The only steady labor he managed to hold was as a singing waiter in the West End. He eventually met Josiah at the Old Star and the two set out for the New Land, new livelihoods, and new adventures.

Josiah Chester Jones was born outside of Lexington, Kentucky, the son of a former Confederate general. Josiah was disowned by his family after denouncing the Southern cause. He was a stowaway on a merchant vessel bound for England and found his voice singing himself to sleep to ward off seasickness and keep the rats away. The streets of London were not kind to Josiah, and it wasn’t until he met George that his fate changed forever, though not exclusively for the better.

Guests are invited to search for secret doors and explore the museum's immersive exhibits, signed guitars, memorabilia, art and much more before the event begins.

Proceeds support O Museum programs.

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