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Take the Hold My Hand Challenge


To celebrate the life of Mrs. Rosa Parks we are asking you to come together and hold hands with your friends, family, pets, neighbors, school mates, and office mates starting February 4th.

Help spread Mrs. Parks' messages of hope, unity, and love when you participate - document and share your hand holding experience on your favorite social channel and invite 3 friends to do the challenge as well.

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Use the hashtag #HoldMyHandChallenge

Thank you Hootie & The Blowfish for lending your song "Hold My Hand" to this movement
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How to Be a Part of the Challenge

Mrs. Rosa Parks believed in the power of touch and held hands with virtually everyone she met. To celebrate Mrs. Parks’ birthday on February 4, we’re kicking off an annual “Hold My Hand Challenge” campaign asking people to come together and hold hands with their friends, neighbors, classmates, work mates and strangers. Take a photo or video holding hands and post them using the hashtag #HoldMyHandChallenge — then challenge three of your friends/followers to do it too.

Now more than ever the world needs to be reminded of Mrs. Parks’ gentle strength, her peaceful activism and her capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

Help spread Mrs. Parks' message.
— Create your own images and videos of holding hands
— Share them to your favorite social channels
— Challenge three of your friends/followers to do it too
— Use the hashtag #HoldMyHandChallenge

SPECIAL THANKS to Hootie & the Blowfish for lending their song to the movement.

Why We Are Doing This

On December 1, 1955, Mrs. Parks ignited the civil rights movement when she refused to give up her seat on a municipal bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She was a life-long advocate for human rights and dignity for all.

The #HoldMyHandChallenge is the creation of RRPI (The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development) and H.H. Leonards, who opened The Mansion February 14, 1980 and who provided a home-away-from-home for Mrs. Parks for a decade in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Parks moved there after she was brutally assaulted in her home in Detroit.

“I believe there is only one race - the human race.” — Mrs. Rosa Parks

Each Contribution - No Matter How Small

Help Sustain This Sanctuary - Mrs. Parks' Home-Away From Home

The O Museum in the Mansion, located at 2020 O Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the works of people who have devoted themselves to bettering the lives of others. Their mission is to empower people to do what they love — dare to be different — and have fun. They inspire creativity, diversity, and imagination through the fusion of the arts, science, and sports. Founded in 1980, the Museum is home to an Artist and Heroes-in-Residence program among whom were Mrs. Rosa Parks.