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H.H. Leonards Bio

H.H. Leonards is a wife, mother of three, and author. Mrs. H had no money, no business background, no art and/or design background, and bought the properties that comprise and O Museum in the Mansion and the Rosa Parks Safehouse with credit card cash advances. She still has no money, believing that what she creates belongs with the community.

While creating and growing six organizations, H.H. Leonards has simultaneously been the executive director of a global computer foundation. In this capacity, she was responsible for the distribution of more than $100 million of computer equipment and services. She has also been CMO of several international corporations. Her marketing expertise is digital strategies, sustained execution, and return on investment.

Throughout her professional career, Ms. Leonards has focused on making it economically feasible for corporations to leverage their philanthropic contributions for their benefit and the benefit of society. She has tirelessly worked to encourage companies and individuals to translate their personal visions into a mission of service. As a consultant to the chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, she helped them found cause-related marketing for their clients.

She redesigned and was the general contractor for American Express offices in DC as well as the first I.M. Pei building in DC, L'Enfant Plaza.

Co-Creator, 51 Steps To Freedom - Apr 2020 - Present - Washington, DC

51 Steps To Freedom Trail is the first ever trail of its kind uniting DC from Anacostia to Georgetown. It combines history, art, and culture to connect prominent Civil Rights sites from The African American Heritage Trail (and other historical, religious and cultural places) to inspire, educate, and tell the story of America's journey for freedom, equality, and representation. Now more than ever our country and our city needs to be reunited as one. This unique trail will provide an immersive experience for our citizens and visitors to gain a better understanding of our history and each other.

Founder, PIR Marketing - Jan 2005 - Present (CBE, LBE, SBE, DZE, ROB)

We build brands that harness the power of good. PIR (Perception Is Reality) is a digital agency that builds powerful brands. For more than 30 years PIR has been the pinnacle in artistry and return on invested capital for our clients. Through groundbreaking high impact branding, we consistently deliver marketing strategies that defy expectations and define tomorrow's trends. We help our clients grow by harnessing the power of good.

Founder, O Street Museum Foundation - April 1998 - Present

O Museum inspires creativity, diversity and imagination through the fusion of the arts, science, and sports. We empower people to do what they love - dare to be different - and have fun. The only museum of its kind, our collections rotate and change daily. From the art, music and over 100 themed rooms, to searching for over 80 secret doors, no visit is ever the same. No matter where you look you will miss something. But it's not what you miss, rather what you are willing to see. Magic and miracles exist. Not just in the mind. (omuseum.org) The only museum of its kind, O Street Museum Foundation has always been dedicated to exploring the creative process through social justice programs. OM promotes and embraces life, from every culture, resulting in a wide-ranging collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, books, artifacts and music.

O Museum in The Mansion is now A Historic 20th Century Civil Rights Site, on The African American Heritage Trail. It has been featured in books by James Patterson and Hunter Davies (only authorized biographer of The Beatles) as well as National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian Magazine, Wall Street Journal and more.

Founder, The Mansion on O Street - Feb 1980 - Present

The Mansion is a non-profit events venue created as an enterprise whose higher purpose is to provide a unique forum where clients come to learn from one another and foster the development of diversity, the creative process and the human spirit. (omansion.com) It is rated "The coolest place in DC" by booking.com,

From 1994 to 2004, The Mansion was the place Mrs. Parks called "my home-away-from-home" where she stayed at no cost, as part of our heroes-in-residence program. Through Mrs. Parks' lessons of love, compassion, and hope, we continue to focus on changing people's hearts about systemic racism. We create customized multi-tiered self empowerment programs and training globally. We provide tools for children to better themselves -- and for companies to add depth, context -- and solutions -- to all levels of their organization. (Celebrate Mrs. Parks)

Founder, 2020 O Street Corp. - Feb 1980 - Present (CBE, LBE, SBE, DZE, ROB)

Rated in Forbes as one of the top seven hotels in DC, we offer sumptuous lodging that serves a higher purpose. (omuseum.org/programs) A haven for CEOs, rock stars, celebrities and politicians, we adhere to a strict privacy policy. The Smithsonian rates us in the top five historic venues to explore - in the world . See us on Netflix on the Travel Channel's "Mega Mansions" and featured in National Geographic Traveler. (omansion.com/lodging)

Founder, Trinity & More Publishing - 2000 - Present

Trinity & More Publishing creates and produces books, music, and videos that engage, enlighten and empower - proliferating love and understanding. (omuseum.org/about#books)

Founder, Winged O - Feb 1980 - Present

Winged O Auctions creates and administers unique on-line auction opportunities that help organizations raise money to continue their own good work. (pirmarketing.com/oauctions)

Founder, BeautyUnites - 2012 - Present

An on-line community providing a platform for inspiration, BeautyUnites' definition of beauty is challenged and redefined, daily. BU seeks to reshape how people see and connect with the beauty of the world around them, starting from the power within. (beautyunites.com)


H has authored several books and her writings have appeared in Newsweek and Ms. Magazine. Her latest book "Rosa Parks Beyond The Bus: Life, Lessons, and Leadership" was published by R.H. Boyd, the oldest Black owned publisher in America.

Boards and Councils

Ms. Leonards has been a member of several boards & councils including:

  • Columbia Women's Hospital, Washington, D.C.
  • LV Enterprises, Scottsville, Arizona
  • Mildred Alberg Trust, Miami, Florida
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Rosa Parks Museum and Library, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Sequoia Foundation, New York City
  • DC Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
  • Sandy Spring Bank — Client Experience Council, Washington, D.C.


  • Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences Distinguished Service Award (2020)
  • DC Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Legacy Award (2018)
  • Purdue University's Alumni of the Year Award (2000)


  • Bachelor Degree: Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences
  • School of Hard Knocks