100% of the proceeds from our tours, concerts, donations & sales support our programs

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  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds No. 2

  • We donated 250 masks... because that's what neighbors do

  • Donation Stories: Tom Constanten - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Grateful Dead

  • Donation Stories: LBJ Memorabilia

  • Jimi Hendrix Guitar Donation

  • Donation Stories: Ms. Yi's Donations

  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds No. 3

  • Guest Stories: Kelley Mae and Elizabeth

  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds No. 5

  • Led Zeppelin Guitar Donation!

  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds No. 6

  • Tiara Brown Glove Signing and Donation

  • Garden Sculpture

  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds No. 8

  • Donation Stories: Doll Collection

  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds No. 4

  • Donation Stories: Fox Family

  • Donation Stories: Gary's Audio Gear!

  • Donation Stories: Cincinnati Reds

  • LBJ Inaugural Letter

  • Tiara Brown at the O Street Museum

  • Donation Story: Treasures from Sean

  • The Shakespeare Corner

  • Art at the O Museum in the Mansion

  • Cool Artifact

  • Donation Stories Diana Tracey Chandelier Donation

  • Donation Stories: Randy and Kelly Schrader Camera Donations

  • O Museum at a Pawn Stars Auction

  • Traveling Wilburys Promo Guitars


More than business, O Museum is a way of life. it is not about us, the "house" or our employees, it is about our guests. As a small private museum, we combine art, architecture, literature and inspiration to craft an exhilarating, entertaining experience for all who visit. First and foremost, we strive to put our guests first; immersing them in music, art, literature, architecture and creativity. We create an experience that inspires each and every individual in a positive way. It is a place where dreams come true and where imagination is the rule, not the exception.

As an extension of our family and the creative process, you need to be: selfless, self-motivated, able to follow procedures, flexible, have blind faith, lots of ambition, and drive.

We always have room for creative, passionate, hardworking people. to accommodate a global footprint, many of our teammates telecommute from around the world.

If you have talent or expertise to lend, don't worry about your location. send us your resume, a short video or audio tape (or even your youtube links) on how you think you can help and why you want to join our team.

Applicants that display heart and a desire to learn will be considered for volunteer and docent opportunities.

There are no paid employees or board members. Everyone is a volunteer.

Cyber Volunteer   Volunteer

Sponsor a Hero or Artist

Expressing love is a risk.  Same with opening our doors with our on-going artists and heroes-in-residence program.  But for those of us who allow our dreams to transform and become reality, there is no risk.   By helping others, by sharing our world, what may be risk to some is simply the pursuit of passion and mission to us.

When you sponsor a hero and/or artist you are helping to provide them an opportunity to rest, recover, and rediscover their heart and muse.  By offering respite to artists, service people, first responders and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others, we can give them hope - and each of us - a chance to renew, create and grow.

Become a Sponsor

Monthly Donor

Our monthly donors' program, is a wonderful way to provide the reliable support that is so vital to supporting the foundation, exhibits and our Heroes and Artists-in-Residence program.

Preserving and sharing the creative process is an on-going venture; and to successfully accomplish that, we rely on steady, predictable funding.

When you make a monthly commitment to the O Street Museum Foundation, it means our curators and staff can remain focused on exploring and sharing all forms of creative expression.

How it works:

  • You determine the amount you would like to give each month
  • We will charge your pledge to your credit card each month (charges are made on or around the same date each month)
  • We will send you an e-mail each month, confirming the charge was made
  • Each January, we will send you an annual giving statement which can be used for tax purposes
  • Your membership will automatically renew each year
  • It's simple, secure and one of the best ways that you can support the O Street Museum Foundation

Many donors choose to have their monthly gift charged to a credit card. This option is most efficient as it creates a seamless transaction for all. You can use our safe and secure online form to become a monthly donor with a credit card today.


Corporate Giving

Corporations are an important component of the Museum's funding and outreach. Annual revenue from our corporate sponsors provides critical support for the Museum's operations, including community access, diversity initiatives, and conservation efforts.

Aligning your brand with the O Street Museum Foundation offers your corporation a unique opportunity to broaden awareness, meet your marketing goals and build loyal ties in the commuity.

O Street Museum Foundation proudly works with it's sponsors to develop strategic programs that directly support their individual marketing and philanthropic goals, including:

  • Art leasing
  • Artist in residence
  • Client hospitality
  • Corporate partner program
  • Event & exhibit sponsorship
  • Naming
  • Philanthropic & in-kind gifts
  • Program sponsorship

Get involved

Naming Opportunities

We believe in celebrating your good work. By making a significant donation to the O Street Museum Foundation you or your organization could be honored through many of our naming opportunities:

  • Anniversary Concert
  • Building
  • Museum Programs Including:
    • Artist-in-Residence
    • Heroes
    • Jammin'
  • Room Dedication
  • Intimate Music & Speakers Series


Planned Giving

Planned gifts are a wonderful way to participate and support the O Street Museum throughout your life and beyond. These gifts provide the resources that create extraordinary opportunities for heroes, artists, musicians and patrons alike.

There are many ways for you to leave a legacy that reflects how the O Street Museum has enriched your life:

Art, Artifacts, Memorabilia and Personal Property

Gifts of art, artifacts, memorabilia or other personal property are always welcome. If you are considering such a gift, please contact us.


One of the simplest ways to support the O Street Museum, a bequest provides a gift for the museum in your will or trust. A bequest is not subject to Federal or state estate or inheritance taxes and is deductible in calculating your taxable estate.

Life Insurance & Retirement Fund Accounts

You can provide now for a future gift to the museum by naming the O Street Museum Foundation as beneficiary of your life insurance and/or retirement plan. Naming the Foundation as beneficiary is a seemless, cost effective way to ensure your gift is administered to your specifications.

Real Estate

Donating your residential, commercial or undeveloped property will be used to support the Museum while providing you with excellent tax benefits and reducing the responsibilities of ownership.

Remainder Trust

Establishing a charitable remainder trust is a great way to ensure you and your loved ones receive designated regular lifetime payments and the O Street Museum Foundation receives the remainder at the end of the life of the trust.


Donating appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds is quick, simple and may provide you with significant tax benefits.

If you have questions on how you can provide future gifts to the Museum, please contact us.

Please consult your financial advisor when considering a donation.

Contact Us

Harness The Power of Good

Harness The Power of Good: Partner with O Museum to raise money for your cause

What is a charity shopping spree?
It’s a fundraiser where O Museum “gives back” to non-profit organizations. It’s easy! Your members shop in the O Museum on-line store during their designated 48 hour period and put in their special code at check-out and we will donate 10% - 20% (depending on the item) of their purchase to your charity. There is no cost to your organization.

Who is eligible?
Any registered non-profit organization or school. This includes church groups, charities and more.

When are they held?
A charity spree can be held during any 48 hour period of your choice.

How does a shopping spree work?
Save the date. Contact us via e-mail with the date you’d like to host your shopping spree and we’ll give you a code for your charity to use.

Spread the word. Create a graphic (or we’ll give you one) that includes your shopping code and a link to the museum store to promote your event. Be sure to distribute your shopping code and the link on your social channels, in e-mail blasts and on your website — to as many people as possible (we can help you with that too). Remember, the code is
required with each purchase to receive credit for the sale. The more sales you bring in, the bigger your donation!

Shop. During the designated time frame your members will shop and use your special code to raise money for you.

Curbside pick-up or shipping options are available.

Browse The Store        Ask Us How

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  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion: Signed Guitars

  • How To Navigate O Museum On-line Store

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser at O Museum: Sacristy Wardrobe Vestment & Alter Cabinet

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion: Vinyl

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion: African Mask

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion: Ancient Artifact

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion: Books

  • Books Remember Those?

  • African Masks & Unique Artifacts

  • We're Practically A Library

  • CDs, Vinyl, Signed Guitars, Cool Music Gifts For Everyone

  • See What's In The Safari Room

  • A Toast With Bob Dylan's Heaven's Door Whiskey

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion: CDs

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum in The Mansion - Antique Sword

  • Swords & Other Awesome Items

  • How To Make A Manhattan With Bob Dylan's Heaven's Door Whiskey

  • We Have Vinyl In Our Store, Remember Records?

  • How To Navigate The O Museum On-line Store

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum: Cookbooks

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum: Whale

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum: Beautiful Hats

  • Global Rights For Women Shopping Fundraiser with O Museum: Record Player

  • On Cloud Wine

  • Calling all Pinball Wizards

  • Josh Norman's Signed Jersey

  • Guitars Galore!

  • Audrey Hepburn's Dress from My Fair Lady

  • Custom Red Cross Double Neck Gibson Guitar

  • Signed Football Memorabilia

  • Girl Scouts in DC Need Your Help! Shop On-line For Girl Scout Cookies!

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