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Exhibit Preview Celebration: The Secrets of Espionage

Embark on a mystifying journey where the unseen and unheard stories of espionage come alive! This unique exhibit unravels the mystery of clandestine operations in the most unexpected places: from rhythm-filled halls of music to the cosmic expanse of NASA, to enchanting rings of the circus, and covert corners of literature. At the heart of our exhibition is Agent Double O – not your average operative, but our very own LEGO legend, tasked with missions that twist through the fabric of secrecy.

But why stop at just witnessing history? Dive into the world of espionage with an added adventure – an espionage hunt intertwined with our famous secret door tour. This experience is not just about viewing; it's about discovering, engaging, and unraveling the secrets yourself. This event proudly showcases exclusive donations from LEGO Discovery Center Washington, D.C.

— Meet the LEGO Master Builder & search for special LEGO pieces throughout the museum
— Be the first to find our newest secret door & first people to arrive get a LEGO coin!

Proceeds support our museum programs.

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