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Darden Smith

Nov 4, 2019

Founder, Songwriting With Soldiers & Guest Bruce Sudano - $25/per




“Darden Smith is one of the most respected American musicians working today.” — Daily News critic Jeffrey Sisk

Darden Smith is a singer-songwriter based in Austin whose thirty-year career redefines what it means to be a musician. His music remains rooted in the songwriting traditions of his home state of Texas, while reflecting influences of rock, folk, and Americana rhythms and melodies.

His latest album, Everything, carries a timely message of unity. In addition to fifteen critically acclaimed albums, Smith continues to break new ground using the craft of songwriting in education, entrepreneurship and service. He is the founder and creative director of Songwriting With:Soldiers, a nonprofit organization that pairs professional songwriters with veterans and service members in retreat settings to craft songs about combat and the return home.

Singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano has a storied history in the world of music.  The tale includes an early songwriting mentor in Tommy James, chart success in the 70’s with his NYC neighborhood bands (Alive N Kickin' - “Tighter Tighter” and Brooklyn Dreams - “Heaven Knows”), and hearing his songs recorded by iconic artists like Donna Summer (“Bad Girls”), Dolly Parton (“Starting Over Again”) and Michael & Jermaine Jackson (“Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming”).

Today Bruce mainly writes for himself, and has found his voice expressing the internal challenges central to everyday life. His 2016 release, "With Angels On A Carousel", was a heartfelt farewell to his late wife Donna Summer, which he followed up in 2017 with "21st Century World", an album filled with hard questions, some well-aimed finger pointing and poignant observations about the human experience.  Billboard Magazine has now premiered Bruce’s latest single “Forbidden Fruit”, a “stark folky” duet with NYC singer Dina Regine, produced by Mike Montali of the band Hollis Brown.  

Bruce Sudano “Forbidden Fruit”