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A Night At The Museum

Find your way through secret doors and covert passages to a world never experienced. You'll be walking in the footsteps of presidents and freedom fighters, historians, and fiction writers — when you spend a night at the museum.

O Museum in The Mansion offers separate entrances and accommodations for up to 16 socially distanced friends & family to play and stay. We are an enclosed environment where you can live, work and play, safely.

  • Exclusive self-guided tour (all night long if you like!)
  • Beautiful and unique with private baths, bedrooms, and family rooms
  • Private outdoor gardens
  • Complimentary WiFi inside & outside
  • Historic Site on The African American Heritage Trail
  • Top 5 historic venues to explore in the world ~ smithsonian magazine
  • "The Coolest Place in D.C." -
  • Top Seven Hotels in D.C. ~ Forbes Magazine

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Give Back When You Stay

Our uniquely themed rooms serve as lodging for guests visiting the nation's capital. BUT, their higher purpose is realized through our Artists & Heroes-in-Residence programs. We use these rooms to house soldiers, service people, first responders, creatives, and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others for free. Our unique spaces and quiet alcoves provide a supportive, encouraging environment, free from outside pressures - so that they may simply sleep, rest, heal, and/or create. 

When you stay you are supporting these important programs.

Every year for the past 40 years we have provided (on average) over 850 free room nights a year to support our Artists & Heroes-in-Residence programs. named us the "Coolest place in D.C." for a reason.


From unique Beatles memorabilia, to Prince's Purple Rain Jacket, to Mickey Mouse, to Jimi Hendrix art, to Magic Houdin clocks, to Janis Joplin's guitar, O Museum in The Mansion offers something for everyone. Offering a one-of-a-kind immersive, tactile experience, O Museum is one of DC's most unique attractions. Here you will find artist's letters, sports and entertainment memorabilia, signed manuscripts, rare photos, art, artifacts, signed guitars (we have more than 60), and more.

Guests will explore our rich history through an array of diverse exhibits, achitectual styles, secret doors, and our legendary themed rooms — like the Log Cabin, the Pop-Culture Room, the John Lennon Suite, the Safari room, and Mrs. Rosa Parks room (we were her home-away-from-home for nearly 10 years).

Secrets & Spies

From it's rich history, to it's secret doors and hidden alcoves, mystery and intrigue are part of O Street's DNA. In the 1930's the home was converted into three separate rooming houses for FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's G-men. To combat the rise of organized crime, outlaws, and gangsters J. Edgar Hoover formed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These new agents became known by the name G-men (short for "Government Man"). Their operations were covert and the agents were so little known that they were often confused with Secret Service or Prohibition Bureau agents.

Click on each of the images to watch a video

  • Every Step Tells a Story (Full Show)

  • Artifact Stories: Norman Rockwell

  • Angels Exist - A True Story Of Angels at O Museum in The Mansion

  • We celebrate the hero in each and everyone of us.

  • Artifact Story: John Lennon's Psychic

  • The Mansion on O Street

  • O Museum Artifact Story: Russian Samovar

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks & O Museum in The Mansion

  • We'll Be Dancing Together Again Soon!

  • O Museum Artifact Story: Mrs. Rosa Park's Congressional Medal of Honor Maquette

  • Stories From Within: Cordell

  • Artifact Stories: Musical Bathroom!

  • Artifact Stories: Vanilla Ice the Electrician

  • Artifact Stories: The John Lennon Bathroom

  • Artifact Stories: Room Magic

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  • Artifact Story: Traveling Wilburys

  • Ted Talks Books at the Mansion on O Street

  • Music & Magic at O Museum. Featuring Felix Cavaliere: Everytime She Tells Me That She's Mine

  • Bring on the music and dance with us!

  • Miss USA Crown Up Close at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Allyson Felix's Rio Olympics Running Spike - the Most Decorated U.S. Olympic Track Athlete Ever

  • The Mother of The Civil Rights Movement Signed Statue

  • Traveling Wilburys Guitars

  • Paul McCartney of The Beatles Signed Guitar

  • Rare Wizard of Oz Books

  • Bruce Springsteen Signed Guitar

  • The Billiards Room at O Museum in The Mansion

  • O Museum's Mission

  • How O Museum Got It's Start

  • Heroes & Artist-in-Residence Programs at O Museum

  • About O Museum in The Mansion

  • New Immersive Experience, Chucky's Room

  • The Log Cabin Room & James Patterson's Best Selling Book Four Blind Mice

  • The Fifth Dimension Room at O Museum in The Mansion

  • Explore The O with our intern Gus!

  • Britney Spears Guitar!

  • Muppet shoes!

  • Have you seen the Halloween Room at The O?

  • Newest Secret Door!

Mrs. Rosa Parks

Mrs. Parks’ story, legacy, and connection to Washington, D.C. is little known — and yet, critical to the work she did. From 1994 to 2004 The Mansion on O and the O Street Museum was the place Mrs. Rosa Parks called her home-away-from-home.

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  • Did You Know Things You Don't Know Or Remember About Mrs Rosa Parks With The Edlin School, VA

  • OFFICIAL "Thank You Sister Rosa" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan

  • NBC Washington Visited O Museum To Celebrate Rosa Parks Day

  • Unveiling of Rosa Parks Plaque, 5/31/19

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks & O Museum in The Mansion

  • FOX 5: Rosa Parks and The Mansion on O Street

  • Congressman John Lewis' Inspiration — Mrs. Rosa Parks

  • Happy Birthday Mrs. Rosa Parks!

  • Rosa Parks: Douglas Brinkley at The Library of Congress

  • Making The Music: "Mrs. Rosa Parks" Featuring Cyril Neville & Mark Bryan of Hootie and The Blowfish

  • Jesse Colin Young : For My Sisters

  • Did You Know These Things About Mrs. Rosa Parks? #HoldMyHandChallenge

  • Spreading Mrs. Rosa Parks Messages of Unity & Love #HoldMyHandChallenge #RosaParks

  • WJLA Interview with H

  • Rosa Parks: Douglas Brinkley at The Library of Congress

  • Smokey Robinson — You Are Forever

  • Mrs. Rosa Parks' History at O Museum In The Mansion, Washington, DC

  • Take a Mrs. Rosa Parks Tour

  • Aretha Franklin & Rev. Jesse Jackson - "I'll Fly Away"

  • Susan Reyburn, Author of Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words Discussing the Book at O Museum in The Mansion

  • ROSA PARKS BEYOND THE BUS: Life, Lessons, and Leadership

  • ROSA PARKS BEYOND THE BUS: Life, Lessons, and Leadership

  • Rosa Parks Beyond The Bus - Enough Featuring Ranky Tanky

  • H's New Book!

  • H.H. Leonards Author of “Rosa Parks Beyond the Bus” at the Carroll Arts Center

  • H speaks to Womens National Democratic Club

On December 1, 1955, with one simple act, Mrs. Parks changed the world. She helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama bus. That simple act of courage made her one of the most important women in American history. A woman of few words, her action forever – and positively – impacted the lives of people all over the globe.

While Mrs. Rosa Parks was with us she met with dignitaries, heads-of-state, and leaders, including President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Benjamin Hooks, and Dorothy Height here. Close friends of Mrs. Parks stayed with her while she was living with us, including Cicely Tyson, Mamie Till, Miles Davis, Angela Bassett, Artis Lane and her closest friend Mrs. Elaine Steele, Executive Director of The Rosa and Raymond Parks Pathways to Freedom, in Detroit, Michigan.

Mrs. Parks passed away on the 24th of October 2005 in her Detroit apartment. Her body laid in state at the Capitol Rotunda, the first woman to have ever been given this honour. She became the first African American woman to be honored with a life-size statue in the Capitol.

O Museum In The Mansion is a historic site on The African American Heritage Trail which identifies sites that are important in local and national history and culture. It recognizes the people and places that have shaped Washington, DC. A plaque commemorating Mrs. Parks was recently installed and can be seen when you visit.


Private "bubble" to stay & explore

  • Explore all night long
  • Separate entrances
  • Touch free check-in
  • Masks available and required for guests who are not fully vacinated
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout
  • Complimentary gloves available
  • Signage to promote social distancing
  • Minimum of 24 hours waiting period between rentals