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Art: collage, illustrations, paintings, sculpture, Etchings, Lithographs, Photography, Posters

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A Figure With Horse
Allegory I
Allegory II
Allegory III
Allegory V
Berber Pillow
Berber Pillow Case
Berber Pillow II
Boy with Green Turbin
Chronicle of Sarajevo II
Flora I
Flora II
Flora III
Floras Daughter
Horsemen Before Alifakovac
Infanta and Horses I
Lady From Florence II
Lady From Florence III
Old Man
White Infanta
White Profile
Woman in Red
Woman Through Window
Woman with Rose
Zena I Konj
A Winning Smile
Afghan School Boys
All Dressed Up
Construction Worker
Faces of Hope 11, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 12, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 13, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 2, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 3, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 4, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 5, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 6, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 7, Chip Duncan
Faces of Hope 8, Chip Duncan
Full Rainbow at Pisac
Indian Schoolgirl
Motorcycle Man
Sad Girl
Seminarios Paints
Smiling Schoolboy
The Player
American Civics Cesar Chavez
American Civics Gun Culture
American Civics Johnny Cash
American Civics Two Americas
American Civics Voting Rights
Janis Joplin - Jim Marshall Limited Print
Johnny Cash - Jim Marshall Limited Print
Character Not Characters 1, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 10, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 11, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 13, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 2, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 3, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 4, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 5, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 6, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 7, Cade Martin Original photo framed
Character Not Characters 8, Cade Martin Original photo framed
25th Anniversary
Angels on O Street
Bear Market
Believe in Something Bigger Than  Yourself
Blondie First Ladies of Rock
Bob Dylan
Bobby Jones By Gerald Johnson
Eleanor Rigby
Frederick Douglas
Gerald Johnson framed La Cage
Holidays at O Museum in the Mansion
John and Paul
John Lennon
John Lennon and Yoko Ono Art
Lincoln and Booth
Madonna, Gerald Johnson
Malcolm X
Mansion Mysteries
Mona Lisa Revisited
Penny Lane
Silver Spoon
Spice of Life
The Apothecary
The Dreamer
The O Museum in the Mansion
The Scientist Gerald Johnson
The Warrior With Wings
White Wine
At the Festival
Chocolate Pie
Circle of Friends
Fruits Of The Spirit
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Heal The World
It's Not About Color - It's About How We Treat Each Other
Love is what matters
Mother Teresa Prayer
Red and Yellow, Black and White
True Colors
Wisdom 1
Wisdom 2
Wisdom Boy
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy, Willie, and Ray
Cave Full Of Ghosts
Christina Loeb
Darryl Jones 1
Darryl Jones 2
Esperanza Spalding
Esperanzas Blues
Leave Me Alone
Leni In White
Paul Shaffer Drive
Ralph MacDonald 1
Ralph MacDonald 2
Rock Magician
Spirit In The Water
Sting Sings Roxanne
The Box Masters
The Reverend of Rock and Roll
Appaloosa Stallion 4'x6' enameled copper, created 2019
Cherry Blossoms at the Capital
Dreaming of Taos
Four additional Singer Boxes
Four Singer Boxes
Green Door 4ft x 3ft oil on canvas, created 2005
Green Skys - Blue Sails
Red Sunset 5ft x 4ft oil on canvas, created 2011
Saturday Night at the Mansion
Storm over Red Mountains
The Mansion
Thunderbird Cross
 Above Washington
 Chinese Porcelain Figural Bookends
19th century Angel Trumpeting
19th Century Madonna and the Crown
A Bold Bluff by CM Coolidge
Abelard Oil
Beatles Photograph
Bedside Forrest Spaces
Bird Hanging Sculpture
Boy on Hobby Horse
Catholic Etching
Ceramic Fox Statue
Chess by Elie Abrahami
Dining Out
Dresden Lace Porcelain Figure
Dresden Porcelain Cherub
Durrant Serigraph
Fragonard Hanpainted Brooch
Framed Art Work
framed oil painting
Gardiner Collage
Girl with Lillies 25x18   lithograph
Golf Painting
Gruber Petroglyphs I
Guttrice Indian Face in Pressed Paper
Hand Carved Stone Container
Hand Carved Stone Lighter
Hand Painted on Porcelain Victorian Gold Leaf Flowery Brooch (pin)
His Station and Four Aces by CM Coolidge
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Hunting Incidents
Hussey, Mixed Media
Inuit Soapstone
James braid artwork
James Braid Tournament Players Club Engraving
janis joplin photo
Japanese Puppet I
Japanese Puppet II
Jimi Hendrix Artwork
JR Ybal Painting 1
JR Ybal Painting 2
Kendy P., Long-Necked Young Man, Oil On Canvas, Signed L.r.
Lake House Reflections
Light Whispers Sculpture by Frederick Hart
lithographic poster by Elie Abrahami
Lizard Girl Walking Her Spider by Cindy Ridolfino
M.B. painting
Madonna and Child in Blue and Gold
Madonna and Child Painting
Madonna Oil Painting
Marilyn Monroe Red Shorts Photograph
Marilyn Monroe Rose Petals Photograph
martin barry city dock lithograph
Meissen Style Bagpipe Player
Meissen Style Porcelain Monkey
Meissen Style Porcelain Monkey Band
Meissen Style Porcelain Monkey Musician
Mixed Media by Wommack
Mixed Media Dream Believe
Mohammed Ali and Beatles
Monastery of San Juan Diego Painting
Monastery of San Juan Diego Painting
Monet's Garden (Richard Ross, photographer)
mourning in the morning vlad pastel
Musician by Elie Abrahami
My Friends Are My Estate
Native American Sterling Silver and Marcasite Earrings
New Sherrif in Town
Oil Painting
One World - Mixed Media
oriental mixed media
oriental villa
Original Drawing by Steven Verona
Original Still Life by Michael Jones
Original Watercolor in Yellow and Mint
Pair of Chinese Sculptures
paul mccartney in nasa suit photo
pease farmland mixed media
Porcelain Dog Figure
Porcelain raised garden scene lamp
Rabbi Dancing With Joy 6 inch
Rabbi Writing Sermon
Raised Tin Sculpture
Rare Florence Ceramic Dear Ruth Figurine
Russian Icon of The Mother of God and Blue Enamel Brass Icon of Christ the Pantocrator
Santas Coming By Susan Davis
Shucks! Lets' All get some Sleep an' Tackle it Ag'in When We're Fresh
Signed 1st Edition of Traveling Light
Still Life with Flower
stu eichel, annapolis phone booth
The Couple
The Editor
The Horizon by Larry Gray
Thomas McKnight Clarke Avenue Screenprint In Color
Two Guys in Love
Two Sisters
Unique Handblown Glass Sculpture
Unique Wooden Egg
unknown measure for measure - etching
unknown mystery and II Oil
unknown the harbor
unknown, the journey drawing
unknown, woman oil
Van Campen Still Life Oil
Venice Artwork
Vintage Architectural Cement Pedestal for Garden
Vintage Mechanical 1950s Baseball Cast Iron Bank
Vintage WW2 Patriotic Uncle Sam Poster
Vlad One On One Pastel
Vladia 911 Pastel
Vox Humana, by Jiri Anderle
War No More by Elie Abrahami
Wells Impression Original Drawing
William Gatewood Collage
Woman Anvil Clock
Woman with Pink Hat and Parasol
Women Talking Head Colored Print
Woodard Ocean Wave
Wooden Sculpture - Birds
Yellow Submarine Beatles Cell
Metal Gems Size Weight
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