About Jeweler Sofic S.

Sofić S. is a fine jeweler and goldsmith from Sarajevo, founded in 1938. Three generations of dedication to quality and beauty have created a brand recognized far beyond the heart of Sarajevo. Dedicated to their craft, members of the Sofić S. team are known for their unique creations: a combination of superb skill, technological precision, true understanding of the finest materials, and a desire to present the cultural heritage of their country. They are also known for their attention to detail: all the elements of their jewelry are produced in their own workshop, using precious metals of the finest quality and genuine gemstones of known origin, with attention to every detail of the design and production process.

Careful study of historical collections, old methods and designs has led them to the creation of unique collections based on the rich past of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their collection includes designs that span 3000 years of history: earrings from archeological finds, rings worn by medieval Bosnian royals, bracelets owned by women three centuries ago... All faithfully recreated to the smallest detail, with information on the origin and the materials used.

The power of medieval rulers was judged by the money they used, and Sofić S. presents a collection of coins originally minted in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the reign of medieval kings, as well as subsequent Ottoman rulers.

Linking the past and the present in their work, Sofić. S. also produces contemporary fine jewelry, as well as unique designer pieces. They are also the exclusive manufacturers of the Heart of Sarajevo, the prize awarded by the Sarajevo Film Festival, originally designed by Agn├Ęs B., now a symbol of the city in its own right. Their thematic souvenirs of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, depicting its history, landmarks and tradition, have travelled the world.

Carefully selected materials of superb quality, attention to detail, dedicated study of history, original craftsmanship and modern technology, and the desire to present the wealth of creativity, rich history and cultural versatility of Bosnia and Herzegovina — all come together in Sofić S. jewelry.


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